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/mjg/ Repository
a repository of mahjong stuff from the /mjg/ threads

  • /mjg/ arts and crafts tournament (tourney)
    Congratulations dojyan!
    >1st and 2nd place in tourney are also 1st and 2nd place in OC
    Full Info
  • 301 wwyd Translations (ongoing) (resources)
    Your cutewife wwyd-chan now speaks English! Learn about tile efficiency and the feeling of having a girlfriend all in one book!
    Current Progress: Chapters 5/10, page 115/220.
  • Official(tm) Arts and Craft(r) Tourney Tablecloth (majsoul plus mod)
    Effects: Flow Mastery + 18% / Yakuman Riichis have a 80% chance to win by tsumo.
  • Change Button Mod (majsoul plus mod)
    The mod that changed your buttons to "Rekt" "Free Sex" "Skill" is now fixed.
  • Majsoul Emotes NEW (resources)
    Now with the cute sheepwife and the OL with 1 or 2 good emotes
  • DoraIchihimon Episode 35-39 (webcomic)
    Will be fixing these pages soon so they don't lag the fuck out of everything
  • Saki Achiga-hen superpowers (resource)
    Translation of some of the characters superpowers, from the achiga PSP game. Guide on how to play with /mjg/ friends here
  • /mjg/ Riichi Arts and Crafts Tournament Gallery (ocs)
    Voting page here. Plz no bully ;_;
  • 5th /mjg/ movie night! (movies)
    Repertoire: - World Premiere: Super Zugan ep 02 with eng subtitles - Continuation of Saki Live Action - B Class Japanese Horror Movies - something mysterious?
  • Super Zugan ep3 subs (movies)
    Subtitles for episode 3 of Super Zugan! The RAWs can be found here, or in the movies section
  • There is no male (mjs+ mod)
    Mod that removes all the males from the game and replaces them with girls.
  • Always enable tips (mjs+ mod)
    To have tips even in notips rooms.
  • So this is what "tile efficiency" meant! (4koma)
    4koma translated by anons, from the "So this is what "tile efficiency" meant!" book.
  • M-League videos (video)
    A playlist with lots of (paid) m-league video on bilili, thanks chinks.
  • Danchi and Testuya mod (majsoul+ mod)
    Same as the old version, just switched nyagger and hag. Warning: replaces the old mod, save it elsewhere before using this one.
  • KAAAAN (music)
    Beautiful song showing who's the queen of /mjg/.
  • 5th /mjg/ movie night! (movies)
    Saturday, 31st of October, 20:00 UTC at yakuman/v/irgins streaming station Repertoire: - World Premiere: Super Zugan ep 02 with eng subtitles - Continuation of Saki Live Action - B Class Japanese Horror Movies - something mysterious?
  • Secret >carlos tourney (tourney)
    If anyone is interested a comfy sanma tournament is going to happen in 2 days (31th october, 22utc). Sanma requires a higher understanding of mahjong so a basic sanma WWYD problem was added to the form. Of course, if you click the wrong answer, well, you know.
  • /mjg/ arts and crafts tournament (tourney)
    Pick up a brush, draw some OC and get qualified by how many votes you get from the other players (and some maajan too).
    Full PDF
  • M-League watch (M-League)
    Site containing M-League schedule, game analysis, player descriptions and many other things.
  • 12th /v/idya mahjong tournament (tourney)
    Perfectly normal tourney, perfectly normal games, perfectly normal winner.
    Watch the full action here
  • C1 (webcomic)
    barebones explanation of your standard mjs game
  • MH (webcomic)
    A rather strange and surreal story of the drunkard's drunken adventures
  • M-league Fantasy Draft (gambling)
    Pick your favourite MLeague players and make a team. Rules: at least 1 female; at most 1 top tier player; either 3 or 4 players total. Sign up here, before 12 October.
  • Autotable (game)
    Autotable is a tabletop simulator for Riichi Mahjong. You have to do everything by yourself, calls, scoring, drawing tiles... If you have friends and voice chat it's a must.
  • Tenhou log analyzer (tenhou resource)
    Review your Tenhou log with mahjong AI akochan.
  • Majsoul voices (tenhou mod)
    Replaces the soulless female and male voices with hat and mommy ones. Can be customized.
  • Saki portable PSP (guide)
    Saki PSP game for emulator. Features both singleplayer story mode and working multiplayer with friends.
  • 4th Team Tourney OCs and Assets (ocs)
    The OCs collected for the 4th team tourney, rip in peace IRL
  • Special 4th 4chan Mahjong Team Invitation Showdown (tourney)
    Congratulations, Tenhou team. Did you know people lose all the time with over 170000 points in mahjong? I thought that was interesting.
    Watch the full action here
  • Hime Audio Files (resources)
  • im@s mod (majsoul+ mod)
    A mod that gives you Arisu and Hina. Locodol is still a better franchase tho.
  • Shamiko (majsoul+ mod)
    Replace hat with Shamiko.
  • Chocola (majsoul+ mod)
    Replace cat with another cat nyaa.
  • 69 Mahjong Protips for Newfags (project)
    /mjg/ approved protips for beginners, now finally ready.
  • Library of Mega (resources)
    I'll be reuploading everything here, because we can't trust those catbox nyaggers/
  • Mute Unfocus (resource)
    mutes audio while the game is not focused
    update: now it won't start with everything muted anymore
    userscript / majsoul+ mod
  • 野性の闘牌 鰻4 (offline game)
    >The cast of Cromartie, Super Mario Brothers and other crazy characters gather to play some mahjong.
    Character Ability List
  • Keyboard Controls (userscript)
    Keyboard controls for mjs. v3 update go read the script itself for instructions. pic related majsoul+ mod
  • /mjg/ draws: Anniversary Poster (OC)
    It's finished, and it's as autistic as can be
    Cleaned by anon
  • Flow Book 1 (5 Chapters) (resource)
    Chapter 5 of FLOW BOOK 1 has been added. One chapter left!
    typos fixed
Character Rate Up
Eliisa (NEW) and Osamu Saitou (11/18 - 11/24)

Epic Showdown

Event Period: 11/18 - 11/30 1:59 PM (UTC-7)

  • You can earn points after finishing matches in the Silver Room or other Ranked Room above after each attempt
  • After finishing the matches for each stage, the higher the points, the better the rewards
  • When the total points reach the next advancement milestone, players will be qualified for the next stage

Where to Play?

Mahjong Soul

English client, preferred by /mjg/ because of the cute anime girls. Tutorial Included!

Play Online
Android / iOS
Majsoul Plus - unofficial moddable PC Client

An Introduction to Mahjong Soul (free 2 play guide) - answers most questions about the gacha side of majsoul
Mahjong Soul ruleset and ranking system


Test your skills in a more competitive mahjong environment.

Play Online
Minhou - Hacked Windows Client
Android / iOS

Firefox, Chrome - add-ons to translate the web interface to English
Tenhou ruleset and ranking system

Hime Mahjong

Better gacha rates and more cosmetics, but NO ENGLISH TRANSLATIONS. Soon there will be, maybe.

Play Online (chinese)
Android / iOS

Hime Mahjong Guide - will help you get through the moonrunes enough to play mahjong, given that you're already familiar with common mahjong client interface
Mahjong Hime - a more in-depth guide about Hime Mahjong's interface. Just ignore the majsoul shilling and go straight to the pictures.

Hime Mahjong is a shit perfectly good client, don't fall for the shills which teaches you the proper way to play mahjong

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Mahjong IRL Training Tools
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