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edition name: perfectly normal working as intended

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Quarterfinals schedule

Quarterfinals period:
23th of current_month

finals period:
24th of current_month

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Where to Play?

Mahjong Soul

English client, preferred by /mjg/ because of the cute anime girls. Tutorial Included!

Play Online
Android / iOS
Majsoul Plus - unofficial moddable PC Client

An Introduction to Mahjong Soul (free 2 play guide) - answers most questions about the gacha side of majsoul
Mahjong Soul ruleset and ranking system


Test your skills in a more competitive mahjong environment.

Play Online
Minhou - Hacked Windows Client
Android / iOS

Firefox, Chrome - add-ons to translate the web interface to English
Tenhou ruleset and ranking system

Hime Mahjong

Better gacha rates and more cosmetics, but NO ENGLISH TRANSLATIONS. Soon there will be, maybe.

Play Online (chinese)
Android / iOS

Hime Mahjong Guide - will help you get through the moonrunes enough to play mahjong, given that you're already familiar with common mahjong client interface
Mahjong Hime - a more in-depth guide about Hime Mahjong's interface. Just ignore the majsoul shilling and go straight to the pictures.

Hime Mahjong is a shit perfectly good client, don't fall for the shills which teaches you the proper way to play mahjong

More Options...

How to Play Learn More
Mahjong IRL Training Tools
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