• /mjg/ vs Machine
  • The AI overlords have challenged humanity in a tournament of MEATBAGS vs metallic and digital perfection. The winner takes home absolute supremacy and ownership of earth while the loser will be chained up and live in eternal servitude.
    • Signups: 25th of july 2021 18:00 UTC until 30th of july 18:00 UTC
    • Qualifiers: 1st of august
    • Starting time qualis USA: 01:00 UTC
    • Starting time qualis EU: 18:00 UTC
    • Starting time qualis Asia: 09:00 UTC
    • Finals: 7th or 8th of august TBA time (expect it to start between 10:00-17:00 UTC)
    • Promo video
    • Info document
    • Sign up form

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Jun Murakami (村上 淳)

fuck dogs cutest meido

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>dogz winning
I'm NOT alright with this. Fuck dogs. Fuck you all. I can't believe this... shami... ko...

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