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There was no way to win this hand. It was trash, junk, waste, rubbish. Its beriah had created an artificial world of restriction preventing all who hoped to win it from doing so, caught with their desires just out of reach like Tantalus in Hades. How could I, with my puny arms, hope to win a hand so impossibly trash? "Latin latin latin latin latin (ruby text ruby text ruby text)" the wall mocked me as it howled with the effervescent laughter of a thousand cherubic demons. This hand could not be won. It had been deemed trash forever, any attempts to reach tenpai with it doomed to fail, myself inevitably the next in line. The FOREKNOWLEDGE that this draw had brought me had also shown me all of a billion million possible futures, and lo for it had noten in all of them. Nothing and no thing could be done to change the status of this hand. The impossible human cognition of 'yaku' could simply not be transposed upon it by a fragile mortal mind. It was garbage and sealed beyond what any attempt to win it could say. This hand could not be won.


love jews cutest meido

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