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"The greatest mahjong players rely on 3 things: otherworldly luck, unfathomable skill, and a cute anime girl table mat."
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Mahjong Soul / Userscripts / Tenhou / Hime Mahjong / Others

Name Description Download
Mahjong Soul
Mahjong Soul Game Files Resources directly ripped from the game.

Emotes (updated 06-02-2021)
Portraits (updated 15-1-2021) (faces)
Buttons/Everything Else
Character Voices (updated 21-8-2020)
Loading Sprites (updated 21-8-2020)
Sound Effects - Game Music - etc (Probably lacking because I'm no whale and this is from my majsoul+ resource file.)
Ichihime Teacher Minisprites

Hair Transparents for your OC needs

Hat+OC collection

Mahjong Soul in-game Bond voice lines a kind anon translated all the in-game bond voice lines added in the newest update. Updated with cat, hag and new characters. Youtube a site that lists the animations and winning effects in majsoul, but in Japanese


Mega for the riichi sticks

Majsoul Plus The unofficial desktop client for Mahjong Soul. Not only does it (theoretically) run smoother than the browser app and load a static cache for fasting loading, it also allows you to mod the game!

More Information
Mod List

Story Mode Bond stories from the newest update. Pls share. Ichihime and Miki Nikaidou

Majsoul Stats Stats for Mahjong Soul, similar to tenhou's nodocchi. Only records games for gold rooms and above, so silver scrubs have to rank up if you want to be part of the club. Recently translated to English.

4P Gold - ako
4P Jade/Throne - amae-koromo
>3P - ikeda

Get Violentmonkey or whatever userscript manager you like for these. Userscripts for Mahjong Soul's web version.
NyaggerTunes CLEAN You'll cowards don't even riichi. Now with Youtube integration, press escape to open menu and input video IDs to replace music. Create playlists by separating with commas. (Remember to unblock youtube, ytimg and googlevideo scripts and allow site autoplay in your browser) script
Anonymizer Press ctrl to hide names. Key can be changed by going to the script. script
Weeb Names For all your weeaboo needs, change WEEB_LEVEL in script if you feel like it script
Unlock Everybody Userscript version of the mod that unlocks everything. script
Deselect to Select Changes the Deselect all button during item donation to select every item except purples. script
original pastebin
Mute Unfocus mutes audio while the game is not focused script
original pastebin
Hide Emotes no fun allowed script that hides emotes script
original pastebin
Dim Tsumogiri Greys out tsumogiri like in the replays. >cheating script
original pastebin
Keyboard Controls Keyboard controls for mjs. Defaults are arrow keys to select tile, enter to discard, t for quick tsumogiri. Calls are just the first letter of their name, with 'w' for ron/tsumo, 's' for skip.
v3 update go check the script
(aka Tenhou+)

Tired of not being able to play the official client version? Want AMOS tiles and more flow? Want to choose whether to discard the dora or not? Tenhou+ aka minhou, includes all assets except the modded SE because anon didn't have them. Don't install the official client, extract this portable version and the game won't create a stupid C-EGG folder and figure out everything it needs already is there. Credit goes to Mino (who?) for making this old tenhou mod if you want to credit him somehow.

Usage: Run launcher.exe, then Injector.exe. If you don't want to do this manually every time, consider using a batch script like this.
Translations: under Topics. There might be a few differences, but it should be enough to give you an idea of where you should go. Changing tablemats and anything else is at the login screen, the button next to OK.


Alternative - If catbox is too slow for you this one below is barebones but will create a C-EGG folder in your user profile and even copies of files that already exist because most nips are dumb at coding.

Majsoul voices Replaces the soulless female and male voices with hat and mommy ones. Can be customized. github
Tenhou log analyzer Review your Tenhou log with mahjong AI akochan. github
online version
Hime Mahjong
Hime Mahjong Game Files Himebros unite! Emotes (Updated 31-08-2020)
Emotes (Old)
Character Files (start of the match, naki, first place, full portrait, winning hand)
Audio Files
Himejanki (6699) ;_; Game files Game files for the Hime/Majsoul Killer. Download
majsoul-generator Python program to generate majsoul hands pictures. Forked and translated from here. It also calculates the score using this site, so it actually needs an internet connection. You need python with pillow library to run it. Github

Majsoul Plus Mods

Please check the Majsoul Plus Guide if you don't know how to apply these.

Utilities / Theming / Character Swaps / Emotes / Tilebacks

Name Description Download
Change buttons Replaces 'Riichi', 'Ron' and 'Tsumo' prompts with 'Free Sex', 'Rekt' and 'Skill' respectively.
Fixed for the new update, 15/01/21
weebnames Replaces the localized yaku names with the Japanese ones. WEEB_LEVEL is configurable in script.js. anonfile, gdrive
Anonymizer Press ctrl to hide names. catbox
Colorizer Changes the fingernail and hand colors in-game. You can also go into the script to change the values for certain characters' hands and nails. For example, Dancers hand is currently set to a darker tone. Updated for hat swimsuit catbox, gdrive
Highscores Extension for majsoul that shows more than 1 recent highscore. Beware: to work it collects your name and ID and sends them to this server. Looks like pic related, but translated. github
Unlock Everybody Mod for majsoul plus that unlocks all characters, decorations, portraits. Almost everything. Of course, it only works in locale. github
Swimsuit fix Haruna and Chiori and Hat's swimsuits were too indecent. Now it's fixed. Cunnychad essential mod. catbox
Decency Patch From a forbidden land, replaced Chiori and Haruna's swimsuits with their base characters for tournament uses. catbox
Deselect to Select Changes the Deselect all button during item donation to select every item except purples. catbox
Mute Unfocus mutes audio while the game is not focused. catbox
Hide Emotes no fun allowed script that hides emotes. catbox
Dim Tsumogiri Greys out tsumogiri like in the replays. >cheating catbox
Keyboard Controls Keyboard controls for mjs. Defaults are arrow keys to select tile, enter to discard, t for quick tsumogiri. Calls are just the first letter of their name, with 'w' for ron/tsumo, 's' for skip. catbox
Tips on Always have tips, even in notips rooms. >cheating catbox/github
No males Replaces males with girls. A must have. catbox/github
Waifu 2x A mod that uses larger waifu2x versions of every characters emotes instead of the shitty 120x120 emotes that's normally used in game. This makes emotes look better on larger screens instead of them looking a bit blurry. catbox (07/04)
Save logs Save your logs by pressing 's' while looking at one. The format is .json formatted as does, so you can use the output as input for akochan reviewer. catbox
Anti AFK Stop mjs from kicking you out, by faking some mouse activity. Fixed 04/02/21 catbox
Anti region lock Tells mahjong soul that you're american. Get your saki collab. catbox
Titles visible cross-server Makes titles from other servers visible (as long as they exist on the current server). catbox
Friendly Uncle Use the log viewer to send messages and friend requests to unsuspecting anons. A bit creepy if you ask me. catbox
Umineko (Sound Effects) Replaces some of the game sfx with umineko sfx. anonfile, gdrive
Umineko (Sound Effects + Music) Umineko sound effects but with more resources. anonfile, gdrive
/mjg/ 2hu Tileset

Are you tired of the same old tiles? Want to get some flow? Put on your best touhou remix, and install the official /mjg/ 2hu tileset


  • man sakuya, flandre, remilia
  • pin youmu, yuyuko, yukari
  • sou reisen, kaguya, mokou
  • winds reimu,marisa,aya,suika
  • dragons alice, keine, china?
Festive Win Screen Simple mod replacing the standard blue+light blue win screen with a more festive red+white catbox
Polish Cat Hat and Hag Replaces the voice lines of the f2p girls with a polack. Featured during the Secret Mahjong Tourney, minus the table and green and purple tiles. catbox
Maina-chan Appreciation Mod

A majsoul+ mode for the 30,000 Maina fans out there. Replaces the welcome screen, bgm and the mat into the CUTEST IDOL.

I've also made it easier to modify if you want to make your own themes. Just extract, replace the files inside the asset folder, change names in the json file and re-compress/directly place in the majsoul folder. For the mat, it's best if you first run the Mat making tool of majsoul+ and copy the file from the assets folder into your own theme folder.

Random BGM While looking through github I found a nice chinese mod to steal. I changed it to use a list of .mp3 to play randomly as riichi tracks and/or game bg tracks. Mod includes 2 riichi and 5 game mp3, but you can change it easily to your own playlist. I will probably update it these days to reduce chink useless code at minimum, but still if you want to try it now github
Shamiko Mod You know it had to be done. Presenting the Shamiko Mod for mjs+. Combining the technologies from the Random BGM mod and the maina mod, you can now increase your lesbian flow, do you best and become the best mahjong player in the world! catbox
Korbo Theme Cute korbo theme. Preview catbox
Black Desk Mod that modifies the central point zone. It's probably not that good, but it is a great template if you want to mess with that part of the screen. Screenshot here. catbox
Gochiusa Theme

From the shit here, presenting the ultimate Gochiusa Theme Mod that combines everything! So what does this change?

  • Backgrounds and Tablemat (it's just a wooden table so you can imagine enjoying tea and coffee at the rabbit house with my wife chino as the waitress)
  • Music from the OST of the show
  • Characters swaps: cat to syaro, hag to rize, miko to chino, idol to chiya and chiori to cocoa (unlock everybody mod works so you can enjoy anyone)

Individual character files at the Character Swap section. Screenshot here.

add a .mspe at the end of the file


CHINPO - this mod replaces some of chinpo cat (nyagger)'s voice lines with chinpo versions
- pei and tsumo pecome penisu and homo, everything else is chinpo
- also replaces 3 riichi tracks with chinpo MADs
- highly recommended for sanma players
- more lines
Character Swaps
Akagi Shigeru Mahjong Demon Are you tired of nyaggers? Are you tired of "FKMT collab when"? Are you tired of having no flow? This mod replaces nyaggers with the one and only mahjong demon Akagi Shigeru catbox
Washizu Mod

Are you tired of wasting space with Hag? No soul, no players, no emote...
Time to replace her with the real protagonist of Akagi and--

This was a coop work between audio autismo and mod autismo anons.

To be done:

  • some magic with splicing to get more yaku
  • correct bio: do you know date of birth, age, blood type, etc...
  • better pics: do you have suggestions?
Saki Characters for MJS

Replace your main with your favorite girl from Saki!

Youtube Playlist showcasing the mods
Optional guide to use those extensions with your main.

Dog to Xenia Change the dumb dog to Xenia. catbox
Tetsuya Asada & Danchi Made by Kejchi (who?). A mod that replaces Hag and Ichihime with bainin-tachi. Drag the folder inside your majsoul+ extension folder. Check out the preview here catbox
Danchi & Tetsuya Asada Same as previous one, just switches the characters. Warning: overwrites the previous mod. dropbox
Fox to Nana A resource pack for Majsoul Plus that replaces the Foxboy with Nana. You'll never see him again.

Anon who made it couldn't test the full extent of the mod because he didn't own him, so if you use the mod and run into any issues, just post in the thread

Gochiusa and Others

Character swaps from here, the gochiusa ones are translated. Has the gochiusa characters (cat to syaro, hag to rize, miko to chino, idol to chiya and chiori to cocoa), akari-chan and orga

Chocola Replace cat with another cat nyaa. filebin
Shamiko Replace hat with Shamiko. mega
Idolm@ster Mods A mod that gives you Arisu and Hina. Locodol is still a better franchase tho. github
Emote alter mod

A mod to replace the emotes into meme edits.

Alt emote update - 137 emotes now

Christmas Autist A resource pack that gives the autist Yui and her emotes Christmas hats. anonfile, gdrive
>Nozomi Toujou Hag Mod

I've made a resource pack that turns hags emotes into Nozomi Toujou from Love Live. Some chinese guy made the emotes, I just packaged it into a mod.

The mod only changes the 9 emotes, it doesn't change actual hag into Nozomi. I think it's better this way, but if someone actually wants Nozomi modded in fully it is possible

Linovel Hat Emotes

Replacing hat emote with linovel ones.

I added a folder with both old (12 png) and chink emote (32 png), so if you don't like my choices, you can switch easily.

Light Blue Tilebacks Pretty light blue tilebacks for majsoul+ that replaces the default orange ones. If you want your own custom tileback, it's pretty easy to edit this mod and change the images. anonfile
Black Tiles

Makes the tileset black.

CC-BY 4.0. Based on

Alternative - The difference between the original and this one is a font change to a similar one and that the training wheels have been dipped in gold

catbox, alternative
Purple Star Tileback Pretty purple star tile backs for majsoul+. They look like pic related. They also work with training wheels, and they replace the original orange basic tiles anonfile
Maple Leaf Tiles A seasonal maple leaf tileback, even though it is summer. Preview catbox
Vintage Nintendo Tileset Circa 1960's Nintendo-style tiles. Preview catbox
Strawberry Tiles Tiles almost as sweet as a sextuple yakuman. I thought it was a watermelon Preview catbox
Watermelon Tiles chiori-4.png. It's a watermelon this time, probably. Preview catbox

Mahjong Strategy Guides and Books

Books / Books (Japanese) / Articles / Videos / WWYD Practice

Name Description Download
Daina Chiba's Riichi Book 1
Do you want to stop being bad at mahjong? Read this. RB1 is essential mahjong reading. Teaches tile efficiency, defense strategies, yaku chasing and everything else to bring you to the level of an intermediate player. pdf
Riichi Mahjong Strategy

by Fukuchi Makoto
Translated by bookanon

A book by Fukuchi Makoto and constantly translated by a kind anon. The book is heavily focused on tile efficiency, with a highly digital (analytical) way of thinking. All of the later material about push-fold judgment and discard reading is based on good tile efficiency.
Super Digital Mahjong
(Digital Book 1)

by Kobayashi Go

Description from the anon who translated it:

This section is a translation of excerpts from the book Super Digital Mahjong from Kobayashi Gō of the M-League team U-NEXT Pirates. This is an intermediate-level leaning book.

Japanese Mahjong Strategy A nicely formatted PDF version of this site. An alternative to Riichi Book 1. pdf
Mahjong Strategy Books Collection (English) A collection of Mahjong Strategy books available in English. Contains RB1, RMS and every pdf in this section. gdrive
mega (more updated)
Intermediate Riichi Strategies A powerpoint presentation pdf by Feng (who?) for the intermediate player. It assumes you're already familiar with RB1 and the block method. pdf
Tenhou no shikake no shinzui o miyo Src. An insight on Asapin's (one of the best players on tenhou) calling judgement. It's a complete asapin wankfest but it's a good asapin wankfest. pdf
72 Pieces of Mahjong Wisdom By "Secrets of iishanten" guy, a list of useful tips to remember. In english. pdf
Riichi Seminar PDFs of the seminars given by the guy who wrote RB1. 2017 pdf
2018 pdf
(Flow Book 1)

by Sakurai Shoichi

This book is a Sakurai Shouichi’s mahjong strategy manual that he bestows to everyone who wants to get stronger at mahjong. By repeatedly reading this book, the quality of your mahjong will change, and you are guaranteed to become closer to a true strong player.

Books (Japanese)
Mahjong Books Dump

A 7zip file of a bunch of mahjong books in Japanese shared in the thread. No dekinais allowed.

List of Books

ASAPIN 天才雀士に麻雀のことを聞いたらバカ勝ちできた

朝倉康心 麻雀の失敗学

\(^o^)/ 三人麻雀の極意

石橋伸洋 黒いデジタル麻雀

石橋伸洋 進化するデジタル麻雀

多井隆晴 多井熱

かにマジン 日本一麻雀が強いサラリーマンの必勝法

川村晃裕 麻雀勝ち組の鳴きテクニック

菊池翔 絶対に負けない最強麻雀戦術

きよ アマチュア地方最強位が作る新麻雀マニュアル

近代麻雀 麻雀プロMリーグ選手名鑑

近代麻雀 プロに挑戦!!麻雀検定

Guzaku 定石「何切る」301選

Guzaku 傑作「何切る」300選

小林剛 スーパーデジタル麻雀

近藤誠一 大きく打ち大きく勝つ麻雀

鈴木たろう ゼウスの選択

ZERO ゼロ秒思考の麻雀

ZERO 麻雀強者の0秒思考

土井泰昭 勝つ人は知っている現代麻雀30の新常識

土田浩翔 運を育てる

独歩 鉄押しの条件

独歩 序盤の鉄戦略

中島準也 理論的思考で勝つ麻雀

二階堂亜樹 勝てる麻雀の基本

日本プロ麻雀連盟 麻雀基本手筋コレクション

馬場裕一 バビーのメンチン何切る

比嘉秀仁 強者の最近手筋100

平澤元気 絶対にラスを引かない麻雀ラス回避35の技術

平澤元気 現代麻雀の秘技相手に対応させる技術

平澤元気 よくわかる麻雀の勝ち方

福地誠 これだけで勝てる!麻雀の基本形80

福地誠 麻雀10倍勝てるテクニック

福地誠 麻雀の正解

福地誠 麻雀勝ち組の選択

福地誠 麻雀勝ち組の選択II

福地誠 麻雀テクニック

福地誠 手作りと押し引きの鉄戦術

藤田晋 仕事が麻雀で麻雀が仕事

鳳南研究所 現代麻雀の神ワザ

堀慎吾 麻雀だから君は負けるんです

堀内正人 麻雀の麒麟児の一打

水上直紀 麻雀AI戦術

みーにん 「統計学」のマージャン戦術

みーにん 知るだけで強くなる麻雀の2択

ゆうせー 実戦でよく出る!麻雀講義

mega (separate files)
So this is what "tile efficiency" meant! Features mom/kid duo, by the wwyd-chan author pdf
Increase your win rate by 5% By KobaGo, Pirates hyper digital autist. It's all about complex shapes in tenpai. pdf
Ooi By Takaharu Ooi, Abemas player and, these days, Switch youtuber. Read from the end, fuck Amazon reader. pdf
Asapin and Vtuber Collab work between a vtuber and /mjg/'s favourite >ASAPIN. pdf
Sakurai The real flow book, written by the greatest mahjong player of all times. (EN version in previous section)
Q: Sakurai-sensei, how do I predict the ura?
A: (You) can't predict the ura.
Hagiwara By Masato Hagiwara, RAIDEN player and Akagi's VA. pdf
Ultra closed style mahjong By ritsumi-san, a tenhoui with 22% call rate. Recommended to hags. pdf
How to play Video Game Mahjong A quick and (relatively) easy guide that teaches you enough mahjong to surf through Mahjong Soul's bronze room. Not to be taken as a consistent mahjong strategy, this is meant more for beginners wanting to get a feel for the game. page
So you want to play sanma A guide for people trying to get into sanma (three-player mahjong). page
Just another Japanese Mahjong blog Exactly what the label on the tin says. It covers Defence Theory, Riichi Theory and Tile Efficiency, basically a Riichi Book 1. Try this if you find rb1 hard to grasp. site
Other Mahjong Blog Sites These sites have tons of articles and information about mahjong, from news about the growing English Riichi scene to articles about fundamentals and strategy. RIP in peace Osamuko.

Riichi Reporter

Mahjong Guide

The Hopeless Girl on the Path of Houou

Spreadsheet Statistics

Some spreadsheet statistics about the winrates of various waits (taken from 1.2 million replays in tenhou's houou table), and a push/fold chart to know what kind of hards are good to push or to fold.

Note: Check the last tab of the Push/Fold chart first to know how to use it.

Sotogawa means tiles outside of early discards. tl;dr tiles on the outside of an opponent's discards are safer against him, the earlier the better. E.g. an early 3m discard makes 2m safer.

Wait Winrates

Push/Fold Chart

Sotogawa Chart (analysis)

Push fold EV chart By "Secrets of iishanten" guy, an explained chart about push-fold decision, from the EV point of view. page
Secrets of Iishanten that increases your hand's win rate A Japanese youtube video (thankfully with English subtitles) teaching the importance of iishanten (one tile away from ready) and many other things related to it. youtube
Daina Chiba Riichi Seminar A seminar by rb1 man, which includes some stuff he was supposed to put in rb2. youtube
Discard Reading and Defensive Play Introductory case study about discard reading, including tedashi and tsumogiri, and how to use that in a defensive situation. youtube
【JPML】 Play Like a Pro with Jenn & Garthe Videos in english with wwyd explained by various pros (Sasaki, Fujisaki, Takizawa, and some other JPML ones). Riichi book 1 level. youtube
Playing Mahjong with Dignity by Kosho Tsuchida-Pro Tsuchida Kosho-pro held a two-hour lecture for English-language players, held online on Zoom, translated live in subtitles. He chose to speak about two topics dear to him: chiitoitsu, and "paipinkao" - playing mahjong with dignity. youtube
M-League pro streamers Refer to the M.League section. link
WWYD Practice
301 "Established Practice" Which to cut? (wwyd-chan) English Your cutewife wwyd-chan now speaks English! Learn about tile efficiency and the feeling of having a girlfriend all in one book! A translation of the books below, for our fellow EOPs.
301 "Established Practice" Which to cut?
This book is filled with wwyd (what would you discard) examples. Is, of course, entirely in Japanese (not anymore, read above), but it's visual enough for you to understand. The explanations are all in moonrunes,sadly. The part 2, 300 "Masterpieces" is the big brain book with even harder questions.

301 pdf

300 pdf

rip of qt wwyd-chans: 301, 300

50 Shades of Mahjong: WWYDs for Pre-intermediate Players by krabman (who?), and also assumes you've read rb1. Some wwyds with the logic explained behind the discards. pdf
Gentaro Tile Efficiency 128 pages of wwyds translated from here pdf

General Guides

Mahjong / Mahjong Soul / IRL Mahjong / Others

Mahjong Live Pastebin

A thorough guide to everything mahjong. Made back in the /jp/ days and now repurposed for this repo, it's one of the best infodumps on mahjong around.

To update information here, just tell it in the thread, or the links at the index, or shill it in the thread.
Anon’s Dumbfuck Guide to Chink Vocab in Taiwanese Dominoes 101 A list of Japanese Mahjong terminologies, so you can finally understand the strange moonspeak everyone keeps throwing around. gdocs
Glossary of Japanese Mahjong Terms A glossary of almost every useful Japanese Mahjong term, including the terms listed above, every Yaku in the game, all in an easy filter search. page
Mahjong Soul
Introduction to Mahjong Soul An introduction to the ins and outs Mahjong Soul. Go and familiarize yourself with how things works before selling your soul. Also a good guide to have if you want to go through this gatcha hell without spending even a single cent. page
Majsoul Plus Guide A guide for setting up Majsoul plus, a desktop client for Mahjong Soul. Also contains an updated list of mods and extensions shared by based anons in the thread. page
Majsoul Plus Modding Guide A short guide on how to make mods of majsoul plus. Go on and stick your animu waifu in. page
Majsoul Plus Wiki Loose translation of the official majsoul plus wiki. github
IRL Mahjong
Mahjong Equipment Buying Guide Everything you need to know about owning a mahjong set irl. page
The Tibet Mahjong Teaching method This is a method to teach new players how to play Mahjong. It has wildly successful results reported by the LAPOM who go and teach Mahjong at many anime cons, as well as reports from other people around the world, this author included. The link above is a very brief tutorial, but there are longer videos on the subject available.


Longer: pt1, pt2

No Fu Mahjong Teaching Method From the writer of Hatkagi comes a mahjong teaching method that alledgedly "works great even on kids at the park". A slow crawl approach to teaching the game. page
Download Abema VODs Short instructions to downloading Abema VODs. Learn from the pros. page
Hime Mahjong Guide A guide on Hime Mahjong's interface. Even YOU can be a himebro today page

Movies and Other Media

Movie Nights / Mahjong Media

Name Description Download
Movie Nights
Strip Mahjong /mjg/ streams Strip Mahjong, because why not.

Strip Mahjong: Battle Royal

Strip Mahjong: Midnight Clinical Test (gdrive backup)

Strip Mahjong: Prison Battle (subs)

3rd /mjg/ movie night

1st and 2nd movie nights were the strip mahjong movies. The movies streamed during this movie night were:

  • 3 eps of saki LA
  • 5 short clips from chink Mahjong Warrior movie
  • mahjong themed OVA of Detective Conan
  • First ep of Super Zugan
  • 1st movie of Shin Janki Series
  • Rattatouile with polish dub (cut out due to Disney's copyright AIDS)
4th /mjg/ movie night

The 4th /mjg/ movie night. The movies streamed during this movie night (iirc) were:

  • 3 eps of saki LA
  • English premiere of Naki no Ryuu OVA (sub dl)
  • Mahjong episodes from xxxholic and gintama
  • Akagi LA
  • Live Action Shenanigans
  • Fat Choi Spirit (from here)
5th /mjg/ movie night

The 5th /mjg/ movie night. The movies streamed during this movie night (iirc) were:

  • Saki LA
  • Mahjong episode from some anime
  • Super Zugan ep 2 (sub)
  • B Class Japanese Horror Movies
6th /mjg/ movie night

The 6th /mjg/ movie night. The movies streamed during this movie night (iirc) were:

  • Ten LA
  • Strip mahjong 3
  • Super Zugan ep 3-4-5-6 (sub)
Mahjong Media
Old Akagi Movies The live action Akagi movies.

Part 1

Part 2

Shin Janki Movies Watch a real flowmaster play mahjong

1st Movie Download

English Subtitles

2nd Movie | 3rd Movie | 11th Movie

Saki Live Action They tried. mega
Obscure Mahjong Anime/Manga It's back! A collection of obscure mahjong anime/manga shared by a kind anon in the thread. But will it stay shared this time? Let's find out!


Google Drive
mega backup

Super Zugan subs Subs for the zugan series, RAWs in are in the previous colletion. ep1 and ep2 are translated, but the translators are autistic so they didn't release the subs. ep1 can be watched in movie night 3, ep2 in movie night 5. Based anon came and pirated the ep2 subs ep2 ep3 ep4 ep5 ep6
M-league paid videos Several premium-only abema videos about mleague and its players. Bless the chinks. bilibili
Okada Manga The protagonist, to pay back his debt and get his revenge on his ex-gf, decides to crossdress and enter mahjong tournaments as a girl. It takes a really cynical view of fame, the mahjong world and female "pros". For now, only first 6 chapters have been shared. catbox


Resources / Personal YT channels / Team YT channels

Name Description Link
M-League resources
Official site Teams, schedule, standings and rules. Link
Abema Live Generally on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday 19:00 JST, check the m-league site for the schedule. Link
Abema past videos They stay up for like 24 hours if you don't pay for premium subscription. Link
Abema pirated past videos Several premium-only abema videos about mleague and its players. Bless the chinks. Link
Link 2
Download Abema VODs Short instructions to downloading Abema VODs. Learn from the pros. Link
M-League stats Unofficial twitter account that posts big stats tables. Link
M-League 4koma 4koma series about mleague hosted on kindai mahjong. Link
M-league repo An english site posting some infos and analysis about mleague. Link
M-league fantasy 2020 Standings for the /mjg/ M-league fantasy. Link
Personal Youtube channels
Sonoda Ken (Drivens) Some videos about push/fold and discard reading.


Hinata Aiko (ABEMAS) Many play-by-play with other mleague players, some live tourneys with nip students association, some mahjong and not-mahjong related videos. Link
pbp playlist
Kurosawa Saki (RAIDEN) Some mahjong related challenges with Setokuma and some random videos. Link
Suzuki Taro (Drivens) Live majsoul games with the subscribers and many reviews of past mleague games. Link
Ooi Takaharu (ABEMAS) Tetris and vtuber trash. Link
Nikaidou Aki & Rumi (Furikanzan) Some mahjong at times. Link
Uotani Yuumi (Sega) >vtuber livestream. Link
Kayamori Sayaka (Sega) A bunch of livestream chats with other moms? Link
Tsuchida Kosho (Commentator) Schizo that commentates pretty often m-league. Hundreds of short video tips. Link
Mahjong Yugioh Loli interviews m-league mahjong players. Link
Team Youtube channels
Pirates Reviews, random post-games videos and occasional tourneys.


Sakura knights Dressing room live, monthly tourneys and some kadokawa shilling.


Drivens Dressing room live.


Furikanzan Pre/post games videos.


/mjg/ Projects

Mahjong >Soul General Booru Go get your hat edits, mspaint emotes and other various /mjg/ memes here.

/mjg/'s Divegrass Team Bringing their mastery of flow from the mahjong parlor to the soccer field, /mjg/ is ready to take on the VGL, scoring hanemans and hat tricks with equal ease. Technically not a mobage general, even if 90% of us play on one. implyingrigged wiki
Hat Playlist Download the award-winning album for guaranteed flow. mega
Mahjong Soul Telegram Stickers Sticker packs for telegram users. 1 2 3
/mjg/ Character Survey Concluded on the 15th of January, 2020, 112 anons participated in this survey about their mahjong waifus. Full size image
/mjg/ sings Nantoka Nare Pure unadultarated autism.
The analysis of /mjg/ questionarie - questions and answers Listen to kurwa address the answers from the general questionarie, as well as talk about the future of tourneys, leagues and whatnot for over an hour.


Transcript by a kind anon

/mjg/ Pastebin An archive of copypastas and smut from /mjg/, because they deserve to go to the history books. Index
/mjg/'s Favorite Loli Doujins A list of everyone's favorite cute and funny doujins shared in the thread, with easy links to ex and nhentai Index
/mjg/'s 69 Mahjong Protips for Newfags A list of /mjg/ approved protips for beginners catbox
M-league Fantasy Draft Pick your favourite MLeague players to make a team and compete against other /mjg/ anons. Standings
Majsoul Character Ranking Rank the majsoul girls to find out how much you love your favorite! Gay Sex with HATS ON

Offline Game Downloads

Games / H-Games

Name Description Download
Touhou Unreal Mahjong
wiki / official site
Touhou plus Mahjong. Chock-full of superpowers, cute 2hus and everyone's favorite mode, aotenjou! There's also a switch port available. 4N Download
Partial Translation Guide
Saikyou no Mahjong 3D A very cute but effective solo game for the PC that will run on toasters. You can select the different AI who will operate slightly differently. All the downloads are already patched in English. mediafire
野性の闘牌 鰻 The cast of Cromartie, Super Mario Brothers and other crazy characters gather to play some mahjong.
Character Ability List
Saki Datsumono Jan
Kyoutarou's Mahjong skills are as low as ever, so Hisa decides that a little "extra motivation" is in order. 7z
Datsu! Toraburu Jan
La**, Haru**, and Ya** are infected by aliens parasites who feed on pleasure. To purge these parasites, you must beat them in any game to exhaust them into starvation for sex. So you, as Ri**, must play a game of undressing mahjong and have sex with them! 7z
Dragon Mahjong 2 Plus Based on the popular vidya Dragon Quest, you play mahjong and handhold your favorite characters! mexa
catbox: 1 2 3
latest patch
Dragon Mahjong 3 Plus - Complete Edition It's 3 games in one. Same series as above, but more handholding. hentai-sharing
catbox: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14
latest patch
Dragon Mahjong Evolution This picture should be enough to convince you to play this game. anime-sharing
catbox: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7
latest patch
Sacrifice ~Sutehai no Yukue~
vndb / tsubasa-space
It's a Saki clone but in a darker setting where Saki is a dumb idiot tricked into playing mahjong in a place where losing means being treated as a commodity. Rin is best girl. Also it's 4 player mahjong. anime-sharing
catbox: 1 2 3 4 5
Grand Order Mahjongg Play mahjong and then have intense exercise activities with your favorite FGO girls and boy. hentai-sharing
latest patch
Granblue Mahjongg Play mahjong and then have intense exercise activities with your favorite Granblue girls. hentai-sharing
latest patch
leaf aquaplus site
Fully Animated Mahjong. You get to play mahjong with the cute girls in a fully animated fantasy world. Walkthrough torrents pastebin
mega (30-03-21)
Final Fantasy Mahjong PLUS
Final Fantasy and mahjong. You know how this works by now. katfile: 1 2
catbox: 1 2 3 4 5 6
Super Real Mahjong 2-7 Fully Animated Mahjong. You get to play mahjong with the cute girls in a fully animated fantasy world. Walkthrough nyaa