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Shhh. Pretend this doesn't exists. This doesn't have anything to do with mahjong anyways. It's just here because I'm too lazy to make a new site and I wanna share some VNs to my friends/bookmark these shits. Pastebin sucks.

Don't play Visual Novels. It's a black hole to your time, time you could spend improving your mahjong skills. Damn your time would be more well spent re-reading Riichi Book 1 or Riichi Mahjong Strategy. Go press that back button.

Shoo. Shoo.

Nobody cares about /vn/.

VN Downloads or (18+)

Search here before anything else. Obviously torrent downloads, get new releases there. or

Find those All ages titles here. Finding older titles with working seeds are a bit hard, so here you go.

Visual Novel Master List

Last update November 2017 ;_; A list of many direct download for visual novels, both translated and raw. A gold mine for those rare stuff.


More recent releases of English and Japanese vns can be found here. Although older titles are hard to find, if something new comes up... wait shouldn't you just torrent that shit? Eh.

Nahu and Friends

My friend. In my early days of VN I used this site, as well as google translate, since it was my only source of vns. No worries, they're all english vns. I use this for older releases sometimes.

Eroge Downloads

Mentioned for completeness' sake. Shit ass download speeds, only go here if you're truly desperate. If you're going to use this cancer, use jdownloader as well, the no ads version.

Eroge / Nukige Compilation

JOP vns. Most are mega links.

Rec Charts

Here are some rec charts from /vn/

/vg/ Recommendations Chart 2015

Start here. Pretty solid recs despite being 5 years old. For newer updates, it's better to refer on the other charts below. There's a meme-filled 2017 version of the chart somewhere. But if you aren't sure where to start, this is as good a place to do so anyways.

Plotge Chart v1.3

A list of plotge (plot-focused VNs). It isn't updated yet since Raging Loop and Bokuten AND BALDR SKY has already been released.


A site that lists the moege releases.

Learning Japanese

It's time to stop being a filthy EOP, since Monobeno isn't going to be translated in your lifetime.

And if you're from /mjg/, please translate the next Strip Mahjong movie.


The site this repo is based on. Is a complete resource of everything you might need to learning this dying language. It's resource section is one of the best comprehensive collection of Japanese material around, and is something mjg-repo's resource section will never be.

/djt/ guide

I don't know if /djt/ still uses this site, but it's still a good starting place to learn Japanese.

Compelling Content

A short guide in learning Japanese. An alternative to the /djt/ guide.


Having a hard time remembering the kanji? Try this to see you can find an easier way than "write that kanji 30 times".

My savior. Holy shit Hanahira stumped me until I found this site. It's basically a Japanese "translator", but how it does it is that it breaks down the sentence into its own individual parts and translates those. An indispensable tool for the Japanese learner. I love you, please don't disappear forever. Offline mode never.

Dictionary of Japanese Grammar

A dictionary of Japanese grammar. What more do you need?

Machine Assisted Method

Read vn with the assistance of stuff like texthookers to ease your raw vn reading experience. It's like the of unhealthy steroids.


きらファンCard Maker

A site where you can create your own gatcha cards from Kirara Fantasia!


Hook codes for visual novels... I dunno if it's still online just check

Petalica Paint

Automatic color for line art drawings of cute anime girls