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Artist info: flet06 (@flet06)


Official 4koma. Read the hijinks of Ichihime and the gang and learn more about the DEEP LORE of Mahjong Soul and cunny. Updated every Wednesday.

Path of the Flow

Follow Osamu Tanaka as he teaches you how to master the FLOW. read Here

Hatkagi and Catji: Ultimate Mahjongers

A losing adept 1 cat in friendlies meets a strange backseater hat proficient in the ways of math. read here

Maikagi: The Last Saint

Everyone in the mahjong soul shrine is gone, with the exception of two players: Wanshizu and the last saint, Maikagi. read here

Miko Uprising

Miko Uprising Soon!

A cute series of miko's adventures.

read here


A rather strange and surreal story of the drunkard's drunken adventures

read here

So this is what "tile efficiency" meant!

A series of translated 4koma from " So this is what "tile efficiency" meant!" book. It can be downloaded here

read here


A story about nyaggers

read here

One Shots and Shorts

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A girl gets scammed into a mahjong game... read Here


Keikumusume you rat! read Here

A Story About Mahjong

It's a story about mahjong, in a far distant world... Read Here

Dear Anon

Comfy miko writes a letter about her friends at the shrine read Here

/mjg/ Drama

Some good old skub edits about /mjg/ drama read here

A Shrine Maiden's Christmas

A Christmas Special about everyone's favorite catgirl. Read Here


A chink witnesses the strongest the power of TOYTOY. Read Here

/mjg/ Draws Anniversary Poster

/mjg/ tries to draw the anniversary poster together.

/mjg/ Draws Cat

/mjg/ anons try to draw the cutest cat! Cat Gallery

/mjg/ Draws together

/mjg/ anons draw together!


barebones explanation of your standard mjs game Read Here

/mjg/ Draws Hat

/mjg/ anons draw a hat Hat Gallery

/mjg/ Draws with flet

/mjg/ anons draw with flet.


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Christmas Hat Video

/mjg/ elves prepare for Christmas! High production values and SOUL.

Meet The Hat

From the multi award-winning /mjg/-OC-productions is the newest movie. Just what goes on inside the hat's mind

Whale Punishes Nyagger Riichi

>whale flow Link

mahjong sluts.webm

Reviewanon and Repoanon getting into a little argument.


3rd Team Tourney OC Videos

No words are needed to describe the autism into making these stuff.

The Mahjongers Gathering

Something is upon us. You can feel it. Players from far and wide are preparing, scrambling to collect some last bit of sand and prepare mentally.

A great tournament sets into motion! The Mahjongers Gathering is upon us!


A Eulogy for the Fallen

A eulogy to all the mahjong frens who didn't make it past the qualifiers.. Link

1st /mjg/ League OC videos

A playlist of the wonderful OC videos made by the teams of the first /mjg/ League Youtube Playlist


With the hat rerun, nyaggers are now in danger of extinction. This is footage of their last stand. Link

/mjg/ peanuts

Meanwhile on /mjg/... Link

This one weird mikovideo

Something? Link

To You, 2000 ranks from now.

The last fight. Part 2 soon(tm). Link

To You, 2000 points from Adept.

Rage, nyaggers! Link


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/mjg/ sings Nantoka Nare

Featured during the 3rd team tourney, listen to the autistic screechings of anons as they make an attempt at singing.


Idolm@ster town theme (Ichihime ver.)

Cute cat music! Cats of the world unite!


Nyagger the Rapper

Oh no, how will I ever get into the expert rank...
Yeah, I know, I gotta believe!



All hags they must go back to tenhou. All nyaggers have to die. All whales are jealous. Praise hat.


/mjg/ sings Netsuretsu Kangei Wonderland

Featured during the /mjg/ league 4, listen to the autistic screechings of anons as they make an attempt at singing.



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When the Tiles Cry

Presented by The Winning Team (tentative), the very first /mjg/ vn. It tells the tale of hat girl Keikumusume as she uncovers the mystery behind the mysterious death of an MCD officer.



When the Tiles Cry: Healing Arc

Presented by The Winning Team (;_;7), the second part of the critically acclaimed first vn. Now you can date your favorite mahjong girls.


Fishing Legend Ichihime

Very comfy single player mahjong game, win points to get fish for ichihime. Link

Wanjirou's Yakuman blocks

Tetris like single player game. Make 5 tile hands to win points. The only problem is the fucking dog. Play Download

Riichi Cooking in Another World

First demo of a cute game where you get isekai'd to the mahjong realm. Go cook yakus with Ichihime for random jyanshis and lose to Nadeshiko's WWYD test. Yes, it is reported that no one in /mjg/ passed her test. Download


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Transported in Another World Stuck as a Catgirl Playing Mahjong

I woke up in a strange world as a catgirl forced to play riichi mahjong. If I lose, I die?

But first of all, what's mahjong nyaa?

A light novel with questionable themes.

read here

Mahjong Friends

Ichihime is invited by the cat-loving Sara for a friendly game of mahjong… read here

Lost Souls

Someone actually took the time to write this super long maid smut. Read Here


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Newspaper Reports

Fresh off the presses! Read Here

Breaking News!

Breaking news! More at 11. read here

Maajan Tamashii Reviewers (Mahjong Soul Reviewers)

A review of the Mahjong Soul girls...

3rd Team Tourney OC and Assets

This tourney is a goldmine when it comes to OC. Download [zip]

4th Team Tourney OC and Assets

OCs for the 4th team tourney. RIP IRL. Mega (dead link)

/mjg/ Riichi Arts and Crafts Tournament Gallerys

Don't make fun of my drawing.

2nd /mjg/ Saki tourney OC

Imagine losing 100k points. Download [zip]

Occult mahjong guide

Introductory text for those who desire to learn occult mahjong. Download
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