Introduction to Mahjong Soul



There are currently four types of currency:


Earned by:

  • Coming in 1st or 2nd place while in ranked SILVER ROOM or higher. You earn more copper the higher your score
  • Completing dailies
  • Events
  • Directly purchased with Jade (5000 coppers per 10 jade)

Used for:

  • Purchasing Orbs. (Orbs can also drop from SILVER+ rooms chests)
  • Ante for entering SILVER+ rooms, click the exclamation icon to see details
  • Purchasing GREEN/BLUE gifts

For F2P Players: Copper should be saved for Ante and later purchasing orbs, it is not worth buying gifts.



Earned by:

  • Donating gifts donate

    • GREEN gifts - 1 stardust
    • BLUE gifts - 5 stardusts
    • PURPLE gifts - 25 stardusts

Note: Gifts that have a lock icon cannot be donated.

Used for:

  • Buying Summon Scrolls (Premium rolls). Up to 5 per month. summon
  • Buying purple gifts
  • Bond ascension

For F2P Players: Stardust is how you get premium rolls without paying money. Prioritize Summon Scrolls.



Earned by:

  • Bought with REAL MONEY? $$$
  • Exchanged from Outfit Vouchers

Used for:

  • Buying premium rolls
  • Buying copper
  • Renaming your account

JADE IS THE WHALE CURRENCY. Recently, there's been a ton of confusion of the different kinds of Jade (premium/free jade), and with the addition of the mobile version's jades being separate from the web version, it has only gotten worse. Don't worry about it if you aren't going to whale in the first place.



Outfit Vouchersoutfit

Earned by:

  • Bought with REAL MONEY $$$

Used for:

  • Buying outfits
  • Buying 10 jade

This was a currency created to buy costumes during the Holloween Event, but they're (probably) going to be used for all outfits going forward, otherwise it would make no sense to create an entire new currency.

For F2P Players: Treat this like jade as well.

 New f2p players should prioritize getting to Adept Rank to play in the SILVER Rooms. Then proceed to donate the gifts they win to buy Summon Scrolls. Copper should be saved for Ante.


Premium Rolls

Once you have saved 50 stardusts, you can buy a Summon Scroll for a premium roll. Each roll gives you one


The rate are as follows:

  • 80% chance to get a gift (GREEN/BLUE/PURPLE)
  • 15% chance to get a decoration
  • 5% chance to get a character

Note: 10-rolls only give a guaranteed PURPLE gift with paid jade. There's no use saving up for it. Apparently 10-rolls give out a guaranteed PURPLE gift even with charm (or free?) jade, according to anons in the thread.




Bond is represented by the hearts heart on a character in the dormitory. Leveling up bond grants you various cosmetic features, most notably:

  • At Level 5, your character will read off any han multipliers when you win a hand.
  • At Level 5, you can perform a bond ascension which unlocks your character's alternate costume and the last 3 emotes.

Benefits of Max Bonding: Playing a max bond character still fills a 1000pt bond bar. When it's maxed, you get a heart gift that can be gifted for 1000 bond or dusted for 5, same as blue gift. It also doesn't consume daily gift limit so there is no reason to play an un-bonded character in ranked once you have one. There is also the upside of being able to stash the hearts for new character if you have nobody you want to bond currently.

Bond can be acquired the following ways:

  • Giving gifts. GREEN 200 / BLUE 1000 / PURPLE 5000

    • A character's preferred gift (see their bio) grants 50% extra bond
  • Playing in SILVER rooms or higher (you gain bond even for 3rd/4th place)


Bond Ascension

Bond Ascension can only be done at Level 5 Bond

ALL characters require:

  • 100 Stardustsstardust
  • 10 Wishing Stones (1 Faith each)wish

Each character also requires:

  • 10 of 2 kinds of Orbs (20 total). SILVER+ rooms can drop Orbs
  • 5 specific purple gifts
  • Keikumusume is the exception: she needs 10 of 4 kinds of orbs, 10 LN (given in her events) but no purple gifts, making her the easiest character to bond ascend.


Character-specific bond material

Along with 100 stardusts and 10 wishing stones, you will need to gather these specific Orbs and a PURPLE gift.