Majsoul Plus Guide


Majsoul Plus

Majsoul Plus is a desktop client for all Majsoul server regions. It should theoretically run smoother than the browser app, as it's not running in your browser session filled with a billion tabs of god-knows-what. It should also load things a little faster as it maintains a static cache of game assets on your PC, so it's not subjected to the whims of your browser's cache. Lastly, it has modding support, so you can use custom tablecloths, turn Chiori into a duck, use the Japanese yaku names, etc.


Getting Started

  1. Grab the latest 2.x version for your OS here: A version to (maybe) prevent yostar banning you is here instead. As of writing, this guide is for 2.x versions of Majsoul Plus, so it might not be accurate for newer ones.
  2. Run the installer, or extract it to a suitable location and run the executable named 'Majsoul Plus' to open the launcher
  3. Go to the settings tab, change the server region to 2 (or whichever is correct for your region), and hit save


  5. americans can't read

  6. Hit 'Launch Game' and log in as normal when prompted

You should read this translated Majsoul Plus Wiki for more information about it.


Known Issues

If you're migrating from an earlier version, you might get some error relating to a route having disappeared when trying to log in. If this is the case, browse to %appdata%, delete all the Majsoul Plus folders and launch the game again.

If you have framerate issues, try messing around with the GPU options in the launcher.



Mods are split into two types:

Extensions use javascript and can change game behavior, apply userstyles, and do all kinds of fun stuff. Resource packs are simple one-to-one or many-to-one asset replacements using JSON

If you want to try and get your head around how it works, have a look at the default mods, the ones below, and/or the translated wiki here:

There is also a modding guide here: mjs+ modding guide


Default Mods

The default extension by Majsoul Plus Team enables the lv.5 voiced yaku names regardless of whether you've unlocked them.

The other two default extensions seem to be related to the Chinese server, and one might just be an example extension.

The default resource pack with the duck icon replaces Chiori with a mallard duck and replaces her voice lines with quacks.



The only tool so far is a default one that lets you create custom tablecloths.

After launching it, click the top box to browse for a suitable image, then change the slider to adjust the brightness.

The four fields are as follows: folder name, name, author, description.

Once you click ok, you can enable it from the extensions tab.

Don't forget to disable the tablecloths you aren't using.


Applying Mods

In the extension/resource pack tab, click the import button in the top-right, and browse to the mod file you want to add.

Once you've added it, click the button under the mod to enable it. It's possible if you used the installer (I didn't), that you can just run the .mspr/.mspe files to add them automatically.

You can also open the .mspr/.mspe files with 7zip and manually extract them to the appropriate location (%appdata%\Majsoul Plus...); just make sure you're putting them in the right folders, and hit refresh and enable it.


Where to get mods?

You can get /mjg/'s list of mods here.