Lost Souls


TAGS: shotacon, rape, lesbian, murder, mystery

1=== What's in it for Riu? =
Back in the day it used to be customary for maids to  take care of their young masters' sex ed.
Parents would hire attractive girls specifically to pop their son's cherry. There would be no virgin aristocrats by the age of 14.
People say Kaavi is the greatest shotacon among the MJS congregation, but they are wrong. Kaavi is just a professional witch and young boys' semen is the substance most rich in life force she needs to work. Shotacon is a work-related necessity for her. She just grabs what she sees and cares little about consequences in her usual nihilistically fatalistic manner. No, she is not the greatest shotacon. Riu is. This young maid enjoys introducing even younger boys to the adult world. She hunts her prey for the thrill of it and makes sure to keep up the appearances and genuinely cares about her partners' experience.
She takes care of Chiori not because she enjoys it. On the opposite — she hates it. That brat is obnoxious, loud and spoiled. However, this arduous job has its perks few people apart from Riu could appreciate. She has met many prime shotas thanks to Chiori. Chiori thinks she is old enough to go to school and back on her own, but Riu insists on keeping her company nonetheless. All the boys in Chiori's school absolutely adore Riu and those old enough to be aware of their instincts wish to go on a date with her. The girls, on the other hand, disliked her at first for drawing all the attention to herself. Little girls in plain uniforms do not really stand a chance against a fully formed young beauty with a wardrobe of alluring dresses. But ultimately she has managed to appease their envy by sparing some time to teach them some tips and tricks on being a proper lady.
From time to time she would forget that Chiori had extracurricular activities planned and arrive a bit too early and play with the kids.
They would play card games and bet dares. Nothing extreme, very tame dares, actually. When Riu won, she would dare the loser to do some sit ups (while holding their feet), or to endure 10 seconds of tickling, or wear their shirt backwards till the end of the game. When Riu lost, which happened rather rarely, it was usually to one of her favorites. The most popular dare asked from Riu was a hug.
Teachers welcomed her at school, especially the male teachers who would invite her to the office to take some rest from the kids over a cup of tea. And they were always amazed at Riu's dedication to entertain the kids and help some of them study. Some parents even asked her to tutor their struggling children and she usually obliged, since she had to tutor Chiori either way and knew the school program by heart.
2=== Riichi cafe =
Riu has not always been that way. It is actually quite a sad story how she developed this affinity for younger boys.
When she was 17, she took an odd job at a cosplay cafe / mahjong parlor LULLABY owned by a middle aged man. The bartender at the place was a college sophomore Natsuki. The fellow was bright, kind and on top of that handsome. He knew his way around the customers and always had a story to cheer up even the most desperate late-night visitors. Half the regulars frequented the place to see Natsuki, actually, and if he had any ambition he would have quit college and start his own bar. The clients would have followed him, that's for sure.
One of such clients was Chiori. Her mother used to take her there once in a while before she started on her tenure track. Natsuki recognized rich customers from the first glance and always served the most extravagant (and overpriced) suandaes and milk shakes to Chiori while entertaining the mother. As Chiori grew older, she started competing for attention to the point of embarassing her mother. One she threw a massive tantrum when Natsuki laughed at mother's joke.
"That joke is not funny, and you know it" — she sulled
"Pardon me?" — Natsuki turned his head towards Chiori
"My mother is married, you know? Why are you laughing at her jokes? Are you flirting with her?"
"Oh, I just find it curious, how one of missis Mikami's students thought that left shift means smearing blood samples from right to left" — he tried to defuse the situation. — "Do you perhaps want to tell us an anecdote yourself?"
"Her story boring, and your laugh is fake!" — Chiori wouldn't calm down. — "You want a funny story? Alright! Do you know that my mother had 2 abortions before I was born? Isn't it funny, huh?"
Silence filled the stand. Some of the other customers let out a surprised whistle. And Chiori just was just sitting there with a big cocky smug over her face. Mother squeezed Chiori's arm white and silently pulled her toward the exit.
"Heey, what are you doing? I don't want to go! You can leave, if you want to! I will stay here!"
"I will talk to you later at home, now move!" — muttered the mother dragging resisting Chiori.
The drive home was long, heavy and silent. As soon as they the apartment door closed, mother gave Chiori two massive slaps in the cheeks. A hysterical tyrade followed filled with tears and screams. When father came home, there was a second round of disciplinary shouting. Chiori received silent treatment which lasted a whole month and was lifted only after the parents returned from a conference in San Diego. Needless to say, Chiori was never taken out to LULLABY again.
3=== Into the maidness =
The damage was done and the parents realized that their neglect produced a spoiled cruel brat. Chiori project was deemed a failure and both of them grew distant, preferring to let a family friend's daughter take care of her most of the time. So, Riu moved in with Chiori and became her part-time maid.
It didn't take long for Chiori to figure out that noone had told Riu why she had been abandoned by her parents, and she didn't hesitate to exploit this fact. Chiori taught Riu how to play mahjong and during one game casually dropped that there was a mahjong parlor / cafe on her way from school where all waitresses were dressed just like Riu. This indeed sparked Riu's interest and the next evening they headed towards LULLABY, just in time to witness the very start of Natsuki's shift.
Sure, Natsuki recognized Chiori as soon as she entered, and so did the owner. The owner was on his way across the hall to explain to Chiori that she was barred from this establishment, but Natsuki stopped him by stretching his arm in front of the owner.
"I don't think we need to do that boss. I am sure she has learnt her lesson now" — assured Natsuki, eyeing Riu from afar
When the visitors set themselves at the counter, Natsuki approached them to take the order.
"Hi Natsuki! Please meet Kujou Riu — she is my maid. Dad gave her to me and now we live together!"
"Greetings, miss Mikami. I believe mister Mikami is quite pleased to have three beauties meet him from work" — said Natsuki looking Riu deep in the eye.
Riu looked down:
"Pleased..." - Riu started a tone too high, then cleared her throat - "Pleased to make your acquaintance, mister Natsuki"
"Ah, no, Natsuki. You got it all wrong!" — Barged in Chiori. — "Mom and dad are on a business trip, and now it's just me and Riu. I think they will be back in a month... or was that two months? Who cares!"
"Missis Mikami will be visiting us next Friday, young lady. She would like to make sure that your apartment is tidy and you are taken proper care of" — Riu reminded Chiori. The actual reason for the meeting, however, was not motherly concern but the necessity to give Riu her first salary.
"Oh, I am most certain missis Mikami will be fully content with this inspection. If miss Kujou was not working for you, miss Mikami, LULLABY would welcome her. It is almost impossible to find such a delicate and diligent maid these days. Or maaaybe..." — he squinted. — "Miss Mikami, would you like perhaps to become a maid yourself? What do you say, miss Kujou? If this young beauty joined our staff, we might not need a happy hour in the afternoon. People will be flocking just to catch a glimpse of her, hahaha!"
Natsuki and Riu burst out laughing, while Chiori timidly blushed. Was he joking? Or maybe he did feel that way? For the first time in her life a man other than her dad called her a beauty. Or was he just flattering a customer? Is that what her mom felt while talking to Natsuki? This new vague emotion confused her. But finally, she managed to compose herself.
"Me? A maid?! That's ridiculous! What would that make Riu here? A maid's maid? Hee-he"
After this warm introduction Riu and Chiori spent a wonderful evening. They enjoyed their drinks and food, and even played some mahjong with other customers and maids. Riu liked the place, liked talking to other maids about fashion, liked the clientele but most importantly — she was utterly charmed by Natsuki. On their way home, Riu made a decision.
"Young lady, thank you for showing me this place. May I ask your permission?"
"For what?"
"If you do not mind, I would like to take the afternoon shift at LULLABY. I could cook and do housekeeping in the morning, then go to LULLABY and after school we could meet right there. If you wish, we could play mahjong there or head home right away".
Chiori did not respond immediately as if she was giving it some time to roll over.
"Fine!" — She exclaimed, Riu gleefully clapped her hands. — "You should be grateful, you know? I won't tell mom or dad and you shouldn't either, or they'll think you are slacking off"
"I am deeply grateful to have an understanding mistress such as you, young lady"
Next day Riu applied to LULLABY and became a cafe maid, working for 4 hours from 2pm until Natsuki's shift started. She was looking forward to working at LULLABY and spending the evenings with Chiori and Natsuki.
4=== Traumatic experience =
Since then Riu's life was filled with pleasant routine. Breakfast with Chiori in the morning, chores, a short walk to LULLABY, work, leisure time playing majong with Chiori and chatting with Natsuki, walk home. Every 3 days she did night laundry and ironing to save energy. Her schedule at LULLABY was 2/2 — the same schedule as Natsuki. On her days off from LULLABY she would help Chiori with her homework or go to Harajuku, or visit parents every two weeks. She was as happy as ever and knew it. These were the good old days she would be referring to later in life. She didn't need any secondary high school, whe was 17 and doing just fine on her own. A model agent might spot her at the cafe, if she was lucky, who knows. If not that, she could become a professional maid. She was already building her resume with 2 jobs. In a year or two, she could become a real maid in a mansion full of refined, rich people. Suck on that, dad!
And when she gets older, and Natsuki graduates, he will build a career, and she will be his wife and they will start a family and have 3 children she will love and cherish. Of course, she'll have to stop working to take care of her household, but by that time Natsuki will earn enough to support them all alone. Ah... What a future!
That day Chiori was visiting her parents for Christmas, but Riu decided to stay in town to pull double shifts at LULLABY. With Mikamis taking care of their own spawn themselves, she desperately needed extra income. Luckily, the cafe itself was almost empty these days since most customers went to see their relatives as well. The flow was so low actually, that only she and Natsuki were enough to cover it. So it was arranged that only the two of them would handle LULLABY for the Christmas eve while he was gone with his family to Okinawa.
After the last lonely customer finished his desert and left, Natsuki suggested to close early. He locked the front door from the inside, lowered the roller and went back to help Riu lift all the chairs before the final clean-up. Riu's heart was pounding hard: she decided that she would ask Natsuki out as soon as they finished the shift. It seemed like he, just as her, was not busy, so the risk of failure was low, right? But although the time has come, she could not gather the courage to say the words she had been picking for weeks.
Natsuki approached her from behind and put his hand over hers, while she was cleaning the bar stand. Startled she looked around and as soon as she turned Natsuki pushed his face into hers to give a kiss. She stood petrified not knowing how to process what just happened. After it was over, she could only exclaim:
"Shh...shh...Riu, don't make a fuss about it"
Somehow, Natsuki was different. Always upright, he was uncommonly hunched now. His calm smile gone, tension filled his face. That was not the Natsuki she knew, neither the one she wanted to go out with. Having gathered her racing thoughts, she started to feel in danger. She tried backing off, but Natsuki's grip on her arm grew stronger.
"Lllet go! You're hurting me!"
"Don't fight me, girl!" — he hissed through clenched teeth as he tried to pull her in.
But Riu did try to clumsily fight back. She scratched Natsuki's arm and he released his grip. He took a split second to look at the white scractch marks soon to fill with blood.
"Alright, Riu. You want it the hard way, huh?"
Riu reached the back door and was frantically pushing on the knob, when Natsuki shouted from the hall.
"Hey, I think you left the keys on the counter, honey" — he lauhed.
Riu was panicking. She was locked in with a violent monster. She started kicking the lock hoping it would give in.
"Heey..." — Natsuki peeked over the corner into the dim back corridor.
Riu stopped and turned to him.
"Stop right there or I screm"
"That will not help you, " — he whispered while inching in — "You know perfectly well, how few people are around at the moment"
Natsuki leaped at her, they both lost balance and were now lying on the floor. Natsuki's hands were rummaging in the darkness among the frills of Riu's dress.
"Ppleese, noo" — cried Riu
Natsuki puched her in the stomach in response. The numbing pain filled her, she tried to scream but couldn't breethe in. She let out a silent wheeze and focused on the burning gurgling inside her chest. For a few seconds she was completely disoriented and thought she'd die. But as the pain was going away, she remembered what was going on.
"Nooo, nooo" — she repeated much more weakly
But Natsuki didn't hear her. He had pulled up her dress which now covered her head. He was tearing through her pantyhose in blind lust, painfully pinching her skin in the most delicate places. He grabbed both Riu's wrists with one hand and pushed them into the floor. In the darkness of the corridor she could not see what was happening, but she could hear Natsuki puffing loudly and feel that he was holding her panties aside. Finally, he entered her. Natsuki was rough and Riu was feeling sore. All she wanted now was it to end fast, but Natsuki kept thrusting. At some point the pain started to fade and Riu realized she was finally gettting moist. On the one hand, this eased her pain. But on the other, the pleasure she started to feel only made the lump in her throat grow even heavier. This physilogical reaction filled her with humiliation and guilt. Each thrust Natsuki bumped hardly into her erect clit. She anticipated the bolt of pain and a subsequent short aftertaste of pleasure which came with it. Unable to process her conflicting feelings, she started to weep.
"See, I knew you'd like it, cosplayer whore" — Natsuki leered in the darkness and adjusted his pose so that his pubis would constantly be rubbing against her clit.
"Yeee, you like it! You are so hot and wet now. I like it too!"
He stopped for a moment and leaned closer to Riu's body. He pulled down her dress and with a swift jerk undid her top. He felt around under her cotton blouse for a few seconds before fixing his hand on Riu's right brest. As he painfully twisted it, he reentered and Riu let out a loud moan. He put his other hand on Riu's shoulder and pushed her down with all his weight increasing the amplitude of his thrusts. Shortly after he suddenly stopped and put his head into Riu's chest. He nibbled onto her nipples while feeling the brests from the sides.
Finally, he stood up and Riu couldn't help but focus her sight on the black silhouette of her rapist's erect penis against the white frame of the corridor end.
"Come here, Riu, come" — Natsuki beckoned her.
She wanted to stand up, but felt so weak she could barely move her limbs.
"Ooooh, you stupid whore!" — Natsuki stepped forward and bent over to grab her by the hair.
"Come on, you've been a good slut so far. It will soon be over"
Riu was no longer paying much attention to what he was saying. The hot bruises on her breasts, thighs and belly, cracking shoulder, burning pain between the legs... She was just enduring this. Natsuki dragged her to the wall and leaned against it.
"Now suck it" — he said and Riu felt his hot and hard dick touch her cheek, — "Open your mouth!"
Natsuki shook her head violently and Riu obeyed.
He forced his dick inside her soft mouth and started moving as fast as ever. Riu gagged and coughed and pushed her hands against Natsuki's lap, but he only tugged harder. At last he stopped moving, and suffocating Riu felt his sperm filling her mouth and oozing down her throat. He stayed inside Riu for a few moments in perfect bliss as Riu herself was thrashing around in near-death despair.
His knees trembling, Natsuki finally let Riu out and slided down the wall to bathe in his orgasmic ecstasy. Riu quickly realized she had her chance to escape and shakingly stood up and hurried back in the main hall. She found the second key under the counter, grabbed her coat and without taking the time to fix herself, ran past Natsuki back to the back door.
"Hey, Riu..." — Riu was trying to fit the key in the keyhole, but failed every time.
"...you know," — continued Natsuki while standing up and zipping his pants.
He started approaching her, and in total panic Riu threw the keys on the floor and let out a series of short high pitched, tearful screams. Natsuki stopped for a second, then reached for the keys and helped her open the door.
"Just as I promised, it is now all over" — he opened the door and the dim alley lamps lit the usual smile on his face.
Riu looked him in the eye and rushed out of LULLABY never to return.
5=== Time heals =
Back at Chiori's apartment Riu took a long extremely hot shower. She kept examiningall the "love" marks Natsuki gave to her. She most probably would not be able to wear any revealing clothes for a fotnight. From time to time she would poke at the black bites on her nipples to discover yet again how painful they were. She was wondering how painful it must have been at the moment, since just touching them now made her flinch. Although she was raped less than an hour ago, the memories started to fade already. She tried to remember what exactly happened to her, but her recollections were just a mess of chaotic details, just like the pile of clothes lying on the bath rug. The dress was no good anymore. Not that she couldn't fix it, but even if she tried, she'd never want to put it on again.
She sat down under the shower and hugged her knees, hot water cooling over her skid marks. Natsuki... What is wrong with him? He had always been so sweet and gentle. She actually liked him and wanted be together. Maybe they would make love eventually, but... Why would he do that? She wasn't mean to him at all. He spoiled it all! She slided her hair down the back and looked at her palms blankly.
She slid her hand down the thigh and gently touched her sore lips. It was not completely painful, if she touched it really lightly, it was almost pleasant... Just like when Natsuki raped her. It was not all the pain. There was some pleasure in it. Ye, it was an interesting emotion. She was in pain and hated everything, but still her body reacted to give her pleasure. She covered her pussy with the whole palm, trying to remember the exact sensation she felt.
But she stopped shortly. She was sure what happened was wrong and horrible and she would probably never feel safe around men anymore. It was better to bury these memories. Maybe this way the trauma would  eventually go away and she could regain her normal state. Swarms of heavy thoughts were going through her head and she was getting tired of it. She wiped herself with a warm and fluffy towel and hurried to her room, where she could soothe her sores with the chill of the fresh cotton linen.
She slept for almost a whole day, occasionally waking up and going back to sleep since there was no real reason to get out of bed. Only when staying in bed became unbearable, she decided to get up and have a breakfast. She spent the next few days inside when Chiori called to say she was coming back next morning.
Riu tidied the place up, did the groceries and prepared the food. Life was going on.
6=== Erratic thoughts =
The winter holidays were over and Riu was back to her usual routine, minus her waitress work. Now she was spending more time with Chiori and they even visited LULLABY occasionally. Natsuki acted as though nothing special had happened, although Riu herself distanced herself from him each time they met. She never sat at the bar and usually headed straight for the mahjong table letting Chiori have all the milkshakes and chat with Natsuki she could handle.
Chiori didn't pay much attention to this change of moods and took it as a sign that Riu now realized she was inferior. She actually welcomed Riu's distancing from Natsuki and didn't really care about the reasons of it.
In this period Riu also started to come early to take Chiori from school. While Chiori was still busy, she would make friends with the kids, play games and talk and help them study. One particular boy liked her more than other and she could see that. Always there to greet her first, or showing his drawings, or telling her about the basketball game where he scored a critical goal. He was desperate to be her favourite. Riu found the boy's affection cute at first, but then her thoughts wandered into a dangerous direction.
She liked playing with the boys at school and liked being in charge for once. Obeying Chiori's orders day by day made her appreciate more the moments when she was the one commanding happy to conform youth. She started to phantasize how far she could take the gentle power she held over these children. She started to masturbate regularly in bed thinking about the cute and innocent kids she met earlier that day. It would be so embarassing if anybody learnt what thought she had. In her mind she was hungrily stripping the clothes from little boys, licking and playfully biting their soft skin. Another moment and she was riding their faces, both hands in their short hair. She wanted to totally dominate these inexperienced boys not just physically, but also mentally. She wanted confessions and more childish little presents filled with honest and naive love. She wanted them to have their first  wet dreams about her. She wanted them to worship her. This undiluted adoration was what turned her on the most. After finishing, she would lay in bed thinking how wrong thinking this way about schoolchildren is and that she probably should stop spending so much time in Chiori's school. But these moments didn't last long as she was quick to leap back into the embrace of sexual ecstasy. Her nightly masturabation sessions were as long as she needed to numb down the guilt and recollections of her own traumatic experience. After about an hour of sweating and humping the pillows she would finally feel exhausted enough to go to sleep, hoping that next morning she would wake up a different better person.
But she never did. The itch didn't go away, but only grew stronger. Her self-control weakening, one day she started to masturbate right at school. After talking to some sweet child, she went to a stall and imagined the boy right in front of her, staring down at her indecent act with an open mouth. When she left the stall, she was anxious as she suspected that somehow everybody around her would know what she had been doing just a few minutes ago. But they didn't, and Riu ultimately developed a habit of masturbating in school stalls.
She wanted to take her fantasies to reality, but there never was a convenient occasion. Seducing a lucky kid on school grounds was too risky, and she couldn't just take him to a hotel. But soon enough, he troubles were over. During a dinner Chiori decided to ask Riu's advice about a boy she liked, but was too embarassed to go out with him.
— Riu... You are quite popular with boys, aren't you?
— Hmmm? Why would you be asking such a question, mistress Mikami? - Riu was surprised to hear such a personal question from Chiori.
— You know what? Just drop it. - Chiori tried to retreat, but Riu was already curious.
— Is there a special someone you like? You should not be shy to discuss this sort of matter with me. I can always offer you some advice. - Riu said soothingly, yet a bit anxious.
- It's just... Aaaagh! - Chiori rubbed her cheeks furiosly to gain some courage. - It's just that, there is a boy in my class... and he is not very smart, so I help him sometimes. I thought, maybe... - she looked at Riu timidly. - Maybe, he could come to us, so we could study, maybe?
- ...
- I mean, you are smart. You could tutor us both, you know.
- I would be glad to help your friend, miss Mikami. - she tried to keep a straight face not to provoke Chiori.
At first Riu was afraid Chiori would want to get closer to Natsuki, since they spent so much time together. She felt relieved that somebody else was occupying her mind now and not that beast. She was glad for Chiori, but in the night she couldn't restrain herself and started imagining all the things she could do a younger boy that was going to come for a visit.
7=== New plaything =
The next day after their slightly awkward dinner with Chiori, Riu took both her and her friend from school. She let them walk ahead, so they could discuss whatever they wanted without Riu embarassing them by her presence.
Back at their place, the three quickly opened their textbooks and started checking the assignments for the day. Riu had ulerior motive, when the study session started. She actually was happy, that for once she managed to escape the grip of her depravity. Fantasies should be just that — fantasies, hidden and suppressed no matter how alluring they are. Reality is always uglier than fantasy anyway.
At some point Riu wanted to go make some tea in the kitchen and give Chiori some alone time with her sweetheart. Chiori, however, was eager to demonstrate her tea making skills and insisted on doing that herself as soon as she finished the math quiz she clearly had no trouble with. Once they were alone, Riu's resolve started to waver. Sure, reality may turn out to be uglier than fantasy, but she never really tested this hypothesis. She kept examining the boy and would lip occasionaly lick her lips while responding to his quetions. She knew that what she was about to do was wrong on so many levels. She was about to harass a middle school boy, cross Chiori, probably violate the law. But as she saw it, it was the only way to find peace. She was just trying to pop her own bubble, nothing more. All she had to do was go forward this one time and never do it again and it would be alright, she would be back to normal.
She looked at the boy intensely staring at his study book trying to figure out a fraction. The decision was made, it was time to act. She knew exactly how gorgeous she looked in her new maid dress and how sweet her smell and how soft her skin were. She knew not even an innocent little boy could resist the temptation, even if he was hardly aware of his desires yet to manifest. She leaned closer to him, her heart pounding heavily as she was about to break the taboo. She leaned closer and whispered in a charming hushed tone:
- Aren't these fractions tiring? Would you like to have a small breather? — her hand quietly gliding over his thigh
The boy just sat there not knowing how to react. Emboldened by his trance, Riu carried on.
Chiori had never boiled tea before, so Riu and her new toy had plenty of time ahead of them. Riu kept caressing the boy's thigh each time moving slightly closer to his crotch.
- Please relax, aren't you pleased a beauty such as me pays you this much attention? - she whispered into his ear and gave it a teasing bite. Then she laughed out loud and took away her hand.
- I bet you were wishing for this to happen yourself. Could it be you became Chiori's friend to get closer to her servant? - she snickered some more
The boy was tense and red as a beet, not knowing what to do, what was coming next or what all this meant. Was he doing something wrong? Is that how adults behave? Riu was quick to throw him off this never-ending loop of thought.
- Here, - she unfixed the buttons on her dress and opened it reveal a plain beige bra, - It is now your turn to touch me.
The boy took a look at Riu's open chest. Then sweet the smell of Riu's shower gel hit him — the smell he would subconsciously seek for the rest of his life. But he still hesitated to move.
- You should be more proactive to become a real man, you know? - Riu took his hand and put it between her breasts. - Go ahead
The boy curiously slided over the cups of her bra a few times and then tried to put pressure in his touches.
- Don't be afraid, I won't be angry if you are more rough
He started kneading Riu's breasts through the bra foam occasionally pinching a nipple. Riu was euphoric. She couldn't believe playing with someone as clueless as a Chiori's classmate could be so fun. The boy, having gained some courage himself, pried his fingers under the bra to feel Riu's hard erect nipples.
At this point Riu decided to take things one step further. Without a word she squeezed her hand under the boy's belt to reach his itchy hot dick.
The boy trembled for a moment, when Riu touched it, but kept playing with her nipples. When she started stroking, however, he stopped and leaned back on his chair stretching out his tense legs. Riu herself was in heat and put her other hand beneath the folds of her dress into the steaming panties.
- Riuuuu, where did you put that teapot teapot with cats? - shouted Chiori from the kitchen.
- Have you checked the windowsill, young lady? - replied Riu trying to suppress heavy breathing.
- Ah, yes, here it is!
- We should finish soon, dear guest. Chiori will not be pleased if she sees us like that, - whispered Riu at her partner. With these words she squeezed his dick harder, she tried to increase the amplitude of strokes but his pants were in the way. Reluctantly, she stopped to undo the pants and release the boys little cock. She then fell on her knees before the boy's chair
- This way we will finish sooner.
She closed her eyes and put the boys dick inside her mouth, while vigorously rubbing her clit.
It took just seconds before the boy ejaculated and the stingy bitter sperm filled Riu's mouth. She was not finished yet, so she kept masturbating while sucking on the kid convulsing in pleasure.
She kept thinking: "This is it, this is it, I gotta remember it all. I will treasure this moment", while poking the kids deflating cock with her tongue.
Finally she climaxed, opened her eyes and moved away from the kid to take a good look at him. He was out of breath, his teeth clenched and chest quickly moving up and down. It looked as if he was in pain and was about to start crying. But Riu knew he wasn't. She liked what she saw. She wiped her lips with the back of her hand and stood up to give the kid a wet kiss.
She found it funny she could make a kid taste his own cum this way. The boy didn't fight it, and eagerly accepted the kiss.
She then fixed her dress and sat back on her seat. Surprisingly, she didn't feel guilt or fear or anything negative at all. She liked every part of this new experience and wondered if it was enough to quell her thirst. She felt proud of leaving such a bright mark in this boy's life and entertained the thought of what she'd do next to him, if Chiori wasn't there.
She looked at the boy zipping his pants lovingly and when their eyes met, she put her index finger to her smiling lips and gave him a wink.
 - Chiori will be back any minute now. She will be really disappointed in you if you haven't reduced this fraction when she arrives.
The boy grabbed his pencil and hurriedly  went back to work.
Some moments later Chiori entered the room
- Heey, Riuu, could you open the window? The air is stifling!
She stood up and Chiori swiftly took her place to offer her guest a cup of tea.
- Ah? You haven't solved this page yet? Jeez, didn't Riu help you at all? Riu, why didn't you show him how to find a common denominator while I was gone?
- We were covering some other, more fundamental gaps in that time, young lady. I am sure your guest will have no trouble figuring out fraction multiplication after our conversation.
- Huh?.. I hope you didn't just tell jokes about me, did you? I could hear you laughing back there!
- Oh no, young lady, I assure you we did not discuss you at all.
- I sure hope so, Riu. Could you please take the tray now?
- Most certainly, young lady — Riu put the empty tray under her armit and covertly pinched the boy's ear lobe on her way out.
In the end, the reality turned out to be much more entertaining than the fantasy.
8=== Biker girl =
After Chiori's study date Riu became much bolder in her actions. Although, she never risked doing anything too extreme with the kids on school grounds.
She did take some tutoring offers, including the one from Chiori's friend parents. Twice a week she went to their apartments and taught them math, apart from other others things. She enjoyed her new toys and fully embraced her desires. Riu was as happy as ever with her newly acquired status quo.
But after two months of routinely running warm-up quizzes with pretty faces between her legs, she encountered the first troubles such a lifestyle entailed.
One day after the school, when Riu was taking Chiori back home right at the gate there was a young woman in a leatrher jacket, leaning on a sparkling clean sports bike. She was tall and emanated stern, almost masculine beauty. Riu's first impression was that this woman would look absolutely stunning in a classic suit. The contrast between the brutality of her biker apparel and gorgeous, waist-long hime-cut crow-black hair made the whole image all the more intriguing and enticing. Just as they were passing by, the woman stood up and stepped in their way.
— Huh, miss Kujou, pleasure to meet you! — The mystery woman approached her confidently
— Pardon me, do I...
— No-no, we haven't met. I'm the sister of one of your students. Oh, hello, little one! — She tilted her head towards Chiori, grinning. — May I steal your maid for the evening, dear?
Chiori pouted and breathed in to put this rude stranger in place, but Riu stopped her by tightening the grip on her hand.
— I am sorry, but we are quite busy this evening. Maybe if you could come to our next study session, then we could talk. Whose sister are you?
— Oh, that's a pity! It's just ** told me about the extra courses you taught him. I was quite surprised to learn what kind of things you teach him. I did not expect a young kid to grasp such grown up concepts. But somehow you managed to explain it all to him well enough. I just wanted to thank you is all.
Riu stood there shell-shocked. She knew trusting a small kid to not spill the beans was risky at best, but she did not expect to face the consequnces so soon. She was glaring at the biker woman waiting for her next words.
— Sure we can talk some other time. But I was passing by and hoped we could have some coffee, right now — the woman pointedly articulated the last two words. — So, what do you think? Can your protegee find the way home alone? — she winked at Chiori.
— Young lady, may I ask you for a favor? — Riu asked from Chiori, trying her bes to keep her composure.
— Don't mind me, I'll be fine. Go have fun with your fangirl, Riu — she replied smiling as happily as ever.
With that Chiori marched off, while waving a hand. It was unexpected, yet pleasant to get a day off from her nanny. Much less pleasnt times were ahead of Riu.
— Now what? — She asked the woman after Chiori was far enough.
— Now we hop on my bike, and we go have some coffee, like I said.
— Hop on? How am I supposed to do that? — irritatedly exclaimed Riu while shaking her long skirt.
— Roll that up, miss fancy dress.
— Roll up?!
— Well, duh. You can't sit sideways on a bike.
— I refuse.
— You are not in a position to refuse. I can go to the principal right this instant. And tell him all the dirty details I know. You'll be lucky to call your mom before they put your pedo ass where it belongs.
— Don't say that so loud in here!
— So what?
— ... Do you at least have a helmet?
— If I don't need one, you don't either.
— Can I at least roll it up behind the corner?
— Go ahead. I'll pick you up.
Riu hurried off to an alcove between the school grounds wall and a nearby apartment building. She clumsily  tried to gather her skirt into folds. The roar of an engine announced her new acquaintance's arrival.
— Gosh, hurry up.
— I'm trying! — Riu exclaimed while standing up.
— Hey, you got nice legs.
— What?! — she screamed in disbelief.
— Ok-ok, calm down, sheesh. Now get on the seat and hold tight.
She was scared and knew how pathetic she must have looked. She had tears gathering in the corners of her eyes, as she realized that now her fate was at the mercy of this reckless, cruel woman, whose name she didn't even know.
— Do you think it is high time you introduce yourself?
— Ah, sorry, totally forgot about that. The name is Nadeshiko. Nice to meet you. Now get ON!
Riu climbed the seat, hugged Nadeshiko's waist and the bike rumbled into the city streets. She closed her eyes against the strong wind, which was drying her tears before they could touch the ground. She could only hope this day wouldn't get any worse.
9=== Yes girl =
Nadeshiko and Riu entered a downtown apartment building and took the elevator to the 5th floor. Riu was too nervous to ask anything about the place they were headed to, so the elevator was filled with strained silence.
When the elevator doors opened, they stepped into a typical grey-tiled corridor with plain white doors on both sides. Riu followed Nadeshiko to one of them, turned the key and invited Riu into a dark room on the other side.
— Don't be so nervous, I promise you, it's not half as bad as whatever you are imagining.
Riu stepped inside and managed to make out the silhouettes of a few tables and coat stands. The room was much bigger on the inside than she had expected. Actually, this was a double apartment with one wall demolished, and the next door was barricaded by a bookshelf on the inside.
— We still have a couple of hours before this place opens, — said Nadeshiko while feeling for a switch. — Noone will disturb us. I will explain your part in a few minutes.
The switch flicked loudly in the empty room and Riu could finally clearly see her surroundings. There indeed were tables all over the place and a bar stand in the deep end. The whole place looked like a cafe, if not for one quite significant detail. Riu dropped her jaw in shock and stared at Nadeshiko eyes wide and wet. What she initially thought were coat stands were actually the racks you'd expect to see in a rape dungeon.
Nadeshiko looked at Riu for a second bewildered by her numb and frightened reaction, and then she realized how shocking this situation must have looked to her.
— Oh, hahaha, — Nadeshiko burst out. — Oh, the look on your face. You think I am going to torture you or something, right?
Riu's face did not budge.
— I told you it would be ok, don't worry, — Nadeshiko marched towards the bar, each her step ringing coldly across the racks. — It is nothing like that, seriously. This is just a specialized cafe my friends run. The clientele is all regular folks with office jobs. They come here to blow off some steam, y'know. Tie somebody up, or be tied up by a strong woman in stilettos. It's all legal, by the way. Maybe, you'll want to take your friends here some day. Just make sure they are not too young, ok?
Nadeshiko was explaining while mixing two servings of negroni.
— So, uhm... Welcome, I guess? Do you feel at ease now? — She continue seeing that Riu's posture became a bit more relaxed, although still not quite. — Come on, close the door and get in here, — Nadeshiko said in a soft voice, waving a glass in her hand.
Riu walked toward the stand still guessing why Nadeshiko brought her to this fetish cafe.
— Here, help yourself.
— Nadeshiko, I don't drink alcohol.
— Oh, look at little miss right over here. I insist, — She drummed on the edge of the tumbler glass with her blue polished fingernail.
Riu took a sip of negroni, which had a touch too much gin in it and winced.
— Huh, you do not drink, alcohol, I guess. Let me help a bit.
Nadeshiko gulped from Riu's glass and refilled it with grapefruit juice.
— Now, let's talk business. I need your help, Riu.
— You want me to... work here?
— Huh, fat chance. No, I need your help with something else. You do play mahjong, right?
— Yes, sometimes. But I'm not that good at it, — Riu rolled her glass anxiously.
— Really? Are you playing shy now? A friend of mine told me you were pro material.
— What friend?
— It doesn't matter. What matters is that I trust him more than you. And he assured me, that you, your play level is up to our standards.
— "Our" standards?
— Who do you think, I am, Riu? "Our" standards! Damn, perhaps he was right, cos that's hell of a dumb question you're asking, — Nadeshiko took a violent sip.
— So...
— So, I need you help in mahjong. "Our" player dropped ill, some kind of flu or poisoning... Never mind. He can't play today, and it is vitally important that somebody represents "us" today, you understand?
— I guess, but I do not understand the "vitally" part.
— That means I am giving you the an extremely rare chance to get away with what you've done. You play six hanchans in tonight, win, and nobody will ever learn about your shameful tendencies. You get smarter, stop fiddling kids and move on with your life. Does this sound good enough for you?
— And what if I lose?
— Drop that attitude. You will win, full stop. Otherwise, it will not be as pretty. I believe you can imagine that.
Riu pondered her options for a minute. Not that the choice was obvious, she has to play. She was painfully regretting her life choices to this day. If only she could have kept her hands to herself, or had never took that offer in LULLABY, or had never accepted being Chiori's maid. Uuuugh. It's all too much. Is that her life now? Being blackmailed into cooperating with the shady types? What are the chances Nadeshiko actually lets her go after tonight? And what if she lost? "It will not be pretty" — what exactly is that? Will they burn her face with acid or what? Full of doubt but seeing no other way she replied:
— Nadeshiko, are you really one of my student's sister?
— Huh?! You know, I'm starting to have serious doubts about your wits, Riu. I think, I should let you go...
— No-no, sorry. I will, I will play tonight, please don't. — she splurted out
— Atta girl! And what else will you do tonight for me?
— I... will win for you.
— That's right! You will win! That's the answer I can take! — Nadeshiko clapped and finished her cocktail in one go.
— Will we be playing here?
— Ah, not quite, the game is on our turf — just across the corridor, — she checked her watch. — We still have about an hour to go, so you can lie down if you want, take some rest.
— Will the others be cheating?
— Highly unlikely. The room will be packed with referees from all the parties involved. Nobody in their right mind would make such a faux pas. Were you going to?
— No-no, I don't even know how to cheat.
— That's good, because out of all the players I'm sure you will be the one attracting the most attention, — Nadeshiko smiled and winked at Riu.
"Oh god, is she flirting with me?" — Riu thought and blushed heavily.
10=== Triumph with a city view =
Heavy smoke was filling the room. The air was hard to breath, but having spent 9 hours in this room, Riu got used to it. Saying that the tiles were kind to her would be an understatement. They were kind to her every single hanchan. Kind enough to give her a dealer yakuman in the second one and six renchans in the 4th. She was steamrolling the opponents and this final hanchan was no different. The veteran gamblers at the table were utterly frustrated to be beaten by a young fragile girl. Not to mention her disgustingly conspicuous cleavage.
— Ron! 12000.— exclaimed Riu finishing the last round of the long-long night.
With this ron she managed to climb out of the fourth place into second. Altogether, she managed to avoid being fourth in all the six hanchans that night.
— Not again! You little brat! Think you can ron me like that! I'll show you ron, get in here! — the middle-aged loser could not hold back his anger anymore.
His final score was humiliatingly low, and given this was a high-stakes game, he was probably anticipating the unpleasnt talk with his boss. Two of his colleagues pushed down on his shoulders to keep him seated.
— Oh, shut it! — Replied another player in a less desperate situation. — You were feeding her all night, it is totally your fault she's the winner. I am itching to beat your ass myself. Your pushing right into her hands has disrupted my flow!
— Now, now, gentlemen — Nadeshiko approached the table through the clouds of smoke. — The session is over and I think it is time we settle our score. If you want revanche, schedule it with my associates over there. ...Not that you can afford one.
— You filthy, rotten!.. — the sore loser started again.
— Uh-huh! — Nadeshiko raised her finger. — Don't say anything you'll regret later. Your situation is bad as it is, you want to make it even worse?
The loser dropped his head silently.
— That's what I thought. Yo, boys, you ready over there? — she shouted towards the far end of the room where people were counting and packing cash into sport bags, paying close attention to each others hands.
— Almost there, Nadeshiko. Ready to leave in 2 minutes — shouted one of her associates.
Nadeshiko leaned towards Riu and whispered into her ear: "Told you it would be alright", and patted her shoulder. Riu no longer thought about her troubles. The game washed it all away, and she was diving in the refreshing waves of flow round aftr round. She was full of joy, steamrolling the seasoned gamblers all around her. Despite playing for hours on end she did not feel fatigue and was in a mood for celebration. She moved her hand over Nadeshiko's and stood up.
— Thank you for the game, — she bowed to her opponents, none of which responded back. Then she turned to Nadeshiko, took her hands and said in a stifled voice. — I had so much fun!
— Oh, get a room already! — said a voice somewhere in the smoke.
— You know, maybe we will, — said Nadeshiko, looking Riu in the eyes. — You there, load the bags in the car. We're off. Goodbye losers!
Nadeshiko pulled Riu's hand outside the room, where she took out her phone to call a driver.
— So, what do you say, shall we celebrate?
— Huh, you were serious?
— Not like that, I mean, there is a place with 24/7 room service. You should try their deserts, they are something out of this world.
— Are you hitting on me? — Riu asked feeling a bit nervous.
— Oh, no, nothing like that. I think you did a great job and we made a lot of money today, so why not splurge some of our fortune?
— You say "our" fortune...
— Why, yes. As I said, you did a great job, obviously you deserve a reward.
The door opened and three associates emerged loaded with 5 sport bags. Nadeshiko and Riu followed them to the elevator and outside to a large black Akura. The bags went to the trunk and the carriers congratulated Nadeshiko and Riu once more on a great game, then boarded a nearby car.
— So, your answer?
— About what?
— Celebration, are we going to celebrate?
— Hm... What is my share from the night?
— Hahaha, you seem much more tenacious than back when I met you. I think 20%, one bag is reasonable enough?
— Just one bag?
— Don't push it, Riu. Remember, you are still on probation! Actually I'm being way to generous with you...
— I was just kidding, Nadeshiko. A whole bag of money: how could one possibly decline this? Now let's go!
— That's more like it, — smiled Nadeshiko and opened the door for Riu.
Nadeshiko went around the car and boarded from the other side. The car took off and rather soon they arrived to Marunochi. Nadeshiko took one bag out of the trunk, and clapped on the rear window to send off the driver with the rest of the money.
They then entered a hotel opposite side of the train station, where the concierge greeted her as an old familiar and gave her the key to a room.
— Huh, dear Nadeshiko, are you in good spirits today?
— Haha,you bet, old crook. We are high rolling today, — she cheerfully replied shaking the heavy bag. — Is the terrace open?
— I am sorry, we had a big party on the terrace and the crew is cleaning it at the moment.
— It's alright, it's alright. Let me introduce you to master Kujou: she is the best mahjong player in Tokyo as of today.
— Pleased to make your acquaintance, miss Kujou. My name is Johny I am the concierge of Marunochi ***. At your service.
Riu was positively surprised to for once find her self on the other side of high-end service.
— Pleased to meet you too, Johny — she replied and full of excitment burst out laughing.
— Ah, the youth, so full of joy. Are you two perhaps hungry?
— Why, yes, Johny. We would like... — Nadeshiko exchanged quick glances with Riu. — Two Bollingers, a bucket of those green shrimps...
— Wasabi shrimps, Nadeshiko?
— Yes, those. Also some of that duck terrine and grapes.
— And cakes, — Riu reminded playfully.
— Yes, and Desert Number One for both of us. That's all.
— Will be delivered to you shortly, young ladies, — said Johny and went back to his desk to pass the order.
As the two were making their way across the spacious hall towards the elevators, Riu asked:
— Hey, Nadeshiko, what is a Bollinger?
— Oh, haven't you tried it before?
— No.
— After you taste it, it will become your favorite drink. Luckily, you can afford it any day of the week now, — she shook her shoulder with the bag strap on it.
— But I don't drink, I told you that.
— Don't worry, it is very light and fruity, almost like a fizz. I'm sure you'll like it.
As they moved through the luxury of a highly rated hotel, Riu felt as if she was a princess in a beautiful castle. She had never been in such expensive places before and couldn't believe that she was not only allowed to stay among this extravagance, but was supposed to enjoy it to the fullest.
When they reached the room, Riu was astonished even more. A glass wall offered a sky line vista of a late night megapolis. The old train station far below looked tiny in the place, clutched by skyscrapers. She couldn't hold her excitment and started talking to Nadeshiko about the beautiful view. The main room had a giant TV on one wall and a big table next to it, where a dozen of people could make a conference, while overseeing the city. Riu was running across the rooms and telling Nadeshiko about all the things she thought were cute, tasteful or fascinating. The giant bath with steps inside it was fascinating, its brass faucets were cute, the unusual switches you needed to turn were extremely tasteful. The king sized bed with dark oak stands was fascinating, the snow white bedsheets neatly tucked in were unbelievable, the marble lazy susan in the same room was solid, cute and crafty at the same time.
— There, there, calm down Riu! — Nadeshiko said, quite amused by her partner's crazed reactions to the things she considered mundane background of her everyday life. — You don't regret accepting my invitation now, do you?
— Not at all, Nadeshiko! Thank you for bringing me here.
— You know, you could stay in such kind of places more often, if you became our regular player.
— Oh, you are all business and no fun. Can't we just have fun tonight? — Riu leaped towards Nadeshiko and teasingly pressed her index finger against Nadeshiko's forehead. — If you think too much about work, these wrinkles will only get worse.
— Oh, am I an old lady, is that what you are saying? — Nadeshiko grabbed Riu, wrist and whirled Riu, as in a part dance, part fighting move.
Riu was now standing with her back pressed against Nadeshiko's soft heaving breasts. Nadeshiko was most definitely hitting on her, and when she slided her left hand across Riu's belly, Riu decided to break the tension.
— Ah, my fet are so tired. I've been all day in these shoes.
— Isn't that so, Riu? Do you think some massage could help? — Nadeshiko would not let her go.
— Oh dear, my dress reeks of tobacco. I think I should have a shower. I'll be back shortly, — Riu broke free and ran off to the bathroom.
Some minutes later she went out wearing a white fluffy bathrobe over the naked body.
— Ahh, it is so refreshing! Nadeshiko, you should wash off the dust as well.
— Maybe some time later. The dinner has arrived, care to join me? — Nadeshiko raised her champagne glass.
Riu joined Nadeshiko at the lazy Susan and inspected the champagne buckets on the floor. She lifted the opened bottle, which already was half empty and poured some into her glass.
The girls were enjoying the meal and reminiscing the events of that night's game.They laughed, and discussed riichi strategy, the talent of the chef, drank and laughed even more. At some point Riu thought raised a toast:
— Happiness is so evasive, Nadeshiko, but tonight I feel happy. All my worries are gone. I want to remember this moment forever, because if all this isn't good times, I don't know what is! To us, Nadeshiko! May our lives be full of such moments!
— To us!
After the finished their glasses, the resumed the talk.
— Yes, today indeed is a special day. You looked stunning at the table.
— Stop it, Nadeshiko.
— Why? You really did. So young, fresh and beautiful among those greasy old men.
— Oh, you are so sweet Nadeshiko, — Riu smiled and sent her an air kiss.
As Riu reached for the grapes Nadeshiko caught her hand.
— Do you think I am beautiful too, Riu? — the tension set in the air.
— Yes, you are very beautiful, Nadeshiko, — Riu unsuccessfully tried to sheke off her hand.
— Prove it.
— What?
— If you think I am beautiful, then you wouldn't mind kissing a beautiful girl, right?
— Whaat? I'm not like that, Nadeshiko, you know.
— Would it be better if I were a little boy?
— No, gross, Nadeshiko. Is that what you usually do? Lure young girls to a posh suite, get them drunk and try to seduce them?
— Is that wrong?
— ...
— Riu, I honestly like you. It's not that often I bring girls over.
— Oh, so I should feel special now?
— Listen, if I didn't like you, I'd dropped you right after the game was over. But I do. You are special, at least to me. I want to keep working with you, and I think we could make great friends.
— But we are girls, Nadeshiko. How is that even supposed to work.
— Oh, sweet Riu, you have so much to learn yet.
Nadeshiko stood up and went over to Riu's chair. She held her cheek and leaned in. Nadeshiko's silky hair engulfed Riu and they kissed. Riu could taste the champagne in her kiss and surprisingly enjoyed it. She wanted it to last, but then suddenly Nadeshiko stopped and stood straight, offering Riu her hand.
— Argh, gosh, you win, — Riu took her hand.
— Just relax, trust me, you will like it, — Nadeshiko lead Riu towards the bed. — I'll be back shortly.
Nadeshiko went off to the bathroom and turn on the shower. Riu was rolling around the sheets full of hesitation. Sure, Nadeshiko was stunningly beautiful, and Riu liked her as a person, and she was extremely kind to her. But she still could never imagine herself to end up in a situation like this.
The water stopped and Nadeshiko emerged in the same bath robe. She went towards the bedroom, stoping by the fridge to take out a bottle of water.  Eyeing nervous Riu fidgeting on the edge of the bed, Nadeshiko took a few deep gulps and offered the bottle to Riu.
— You should stay hydrated, my dear.
— Can you turn off the lights, please? — she said taking the bottle
— As you wish.
In the darkness Nadeshiko sat beside Riu and stroked Riu's hair. Riu still had her mouth attached to the bottle, even when Nadeshiko was undoing the knot on her robe. Riu moved the bottle and let out a loud sigh.
Nadeshiko proceeded to drop Riu's robe off her shoulders revealing her slender torso.
— Even the darkness can't hide your beauty, — Nadeshiko said gliding with the back of her palm over Riu's naked body.
— Will you undress yourself? — asked Riu sarcastically.
Nadeshiko stood up against the window and the robe dropped to the ground. In the dim reflection of the street light Nadeshiko stood framed by her black hair. Riu was inspecting the body of a woman about to have sex with her, and Nadeshiko was waiting silently. Riu's heartbeat reverberated in her ears, as she still could not comprehend the situation she was in. Fortunately, champagne numbed the burning shame and she finally decided to take a more active role.
Riu stood up and and entwined her arms around Nadeshiko. They stood kissing and feeling each other for a minute, when Nadeshiko lower her hand to Riu's bush. She pushed Riu towards the bed and lied next to her. Nadeshiko kept rubbing Riu's clit, occasionally sliding her finger across Riu's slit to scoop up the lubricant. She lowered her head and started kissing Riu's breasts and slightly nimbling on her nipples. All the while Riu was sensually moaning and covering her eyes with a hand, since she despite the pleasure and alcohol circulating in her system, she still refused to accept this new experience.
At first Nadeshiko's attempt to insert even one finger failed, but after she increased the tempo Riu loosened up and Nadeshiko inserted her fingers into Riu's burning slit. She kept rubbing the clit with her palm and Riu's insides with her index finger. It didn't take long after that for Riu to reach the climax, and as she was convulsing in ecstasy, Nadeshiko stopped moving and bit Riu's nipple a bit harder than usual.
— Did you like it?
— Huuuh, can't you see?! — exclaimed Riu and rose to give Nadeshiko a long wet kiss to express her gratitude.
— You know, I'm still this side of the barricades, — Nadeshiko brought Riu's hand to her own clean-shaven, leaking crotch.
— Hehe, I think I could help you with that, — smiled Riu in the darkness and slowly started gliding over Nadeshiko's lips.
— I don't think that will do for me, Riu. Lie down.
— Why? What are you going to do?
— Just lie down, I like it this way.
— OK
Riu lied down on the back among the ruffled sheets and Nadeshiko climbed on her chest.
— Are you serious?
— Deadly serious.
— You want me to eat you out?
Nadeshiko lowered herself onto Riu, pressing their breasts together and whispered into her ears:
— If you want me to come tonight, it is the only way, — then she moved back up.
Still hesitating, but eager to return the favor, Riu sighed:
— Oh, Nadeshiko, the things you make me do.
Nadeshiko started riding Riu's face, rubbing the clit around her nose. Trying her best, Riu sticked out her tongue and started licking the lubricant off Nadeshiko. Riu wasn't sure if she was doing it right, but Nadeshiko's muttering "Yes" through clenched teeth reassured her. Nadeshiko weighing down on her chest made Riu uncomfortable, but she endured and started inserting her tongue inside Nadeshiko hoping to speed up this curious, yet slightly humiliating form of intercourse.
— Touch my tits, Riu, I'm getting there, — dropped Nadeshiko pushing harder into Riu's face, making it hard to breathe.
Riu lifted her hands and started playing with Nadeshiko's jiggling tits. Quite chaotically, she rubbed them together and pinched the nipples at the moments she was trying to insert her tongue as deep as she could. Nadeshiko clenched Riu's head and started moving so fiercely, Riu could not grasp a single breath. Guessing that Nadeshiko was soon to come, Riu squeezed her tits and started twisting her tongue wildly.
— Oh, yiss, yiss! — screamed Nadeshiko delivering her final, slow swings across Riu's face.
Finally she climbed down and showered Riu's body in kisses, while she was wiping herself with a pillow. Nadeshiko jumped to lie next to Riu and gave her a tender kiss on the cheek.
— You did great Riu. That was fascinating! Honestly, I didn't expect you to be this good.
— Well, I didn't know it myself, — she said landing a quick return kiss on Nadeshiko's nose.
For a few moments the two stared each other in the eyes, when Riu broke the silence:
— It is really strange...
— What is? — replied Nadeshiko, rummaging below the bed to find a bottle of water.
— When I first saw you, you did not strike me as a type, who would shave down there...
— Haha, is that what you think about meeting new people: do they shave down there?
— No. It's that: you are so self-confident. But I read in a magazine, that only the girls, who are getting old and want to look younger do that.
Nadeshiko choked on the water and replied, coughing between her words:
— Hey... You.. You say I am... am an old hag again?! — And punched Riu in the leg.
— Ouch, no! I don't care about your age, — Riu rubbed the thigh.
— Oh god, — Nadeshiko moved her palm across the face. — Just stop it already. I'll tell you what: if I didn't shave, your face would be all red and itchy right now.
— You have a point.
Riu extended her arm asking for water. Nadeshiko gave it to her and flopped down in the pillows.
— So, you still haven't touched the desert, — she reminded Riu, putting her hand behind her head.
— Oh right, that's the one you lured me in with.
— Yes, Desert Number One, the best, sweetest cake in Marunochi. And after we finish it...
— And after that...
— And after that we get back to Desert Number Two, — Nadeshiko turned and pinched Riu's nipple.
11=== Hazardous environment =
Riu stopped taking care of Chiori after that night and took the regular rep player job Nadeshiko offered her. Her life was full of exciting gambles, money and expensive experiences. Chiori didn't seem bothered at all by Riu's abdication. Surprisingly, her parents did not find a new nanny for her and decided she was old enough to live on her own. Not that Chiori was against it.
Despite now being an integral part to an illegal and dangerous operation, Riu was rather reckless. Despite Nadeshiko's warnings, she kept wandering around the city on her own and flaunting her wealth buying rounds at expensive bars. Riu's winning streak to get insultingly long for all the other underground reps and rubbing it in their faces all around the city didn't help Riu.
One day, as she was window shopping downtown, a grey van stopped nearby and before she knew it, Riu had a gag in her mouth and was tied up in its dusty interior. Her kidnappers rained on her with insults and said they were about to teach her a lesson about modesty. They slapped and groped her and spit in her face. Riu knew things were bad and she could only hope the imminent rape would not end in a murder.
When the car stopped, she was kicked out of the side door into the curb of a dirtroad. The driver was leading the way with a small coller in his hand, as two other men dragged her by the arms into the forest. Once far enough, she was cut loose. Riu stood silent, knowing better than trying to scream for help in the middle of nowhere. Instead, she started undressing herself, which greatly amused her kidnappers.
— Ey, look at her go guys! All we wanted is just talk with you, but hey, if you insist, — said the leader handing down the gun beneath his belt to one of his partners.
— Please don't kill me, I'll do anything you want, — begged Riu standing naked on the prickly pine needles.
— That depends, girl, on the sincerity of your apology.
— I am sorry.
— Nah, words won't make it. Go hug a tree for me, Riu.
— What?
— You said you'd do anything, right? Go hug a tree, — repeated the leader, while the two others kept snickering.
Riu obeyed and pressed her body against a nearby pine. The leader approached her from behind and violently pulled her hips towards him, making her scratch the bark with her naked breasts. Riu was wondering how long her ordeal would last. Would they be done with her in an hour? In two? Would they really release her after that or shoot her down? Was there any hope to survive this at all? She also regretted deeply being so reckless and not realising the people she was ripping off at the mahjong table were coal-hearted criminals, who would not tolerate do much more for much less money she had taken from them.
The man behind her unzipped his pants and squeezed a generous amount of lube into his hand. He spread it along his dick and then pressed the tube against Riu, and then squeezed the cold lube inside her and then entered her. Riu held her hands against the pine, when another man came closer and knocked down her arms making Riu lose balance and hit the tree with her face. Everybody laughed.
— Hah, Riu, you are a good girl, but a dumb one. I hear you and Nadeshiko are munching each other's carpets, do you love her? Answer me! — the man behind Riu grunted.
— Yes, yes, we love each other.
— You are so dumb Riu. Has she told you, what happened to the her previous player? Has she?
— Ah, she got cold feet and ran away.
— That's right, you know why?
— Nnnoo, — Riu stuttered while being pounded.
— That's because we asked her to get out of our way. Nadeshiko was using her, and now she's using you. She knew we'd get you, if you kept winning. She doesn't care about you.
— That's not true.
— Shut up, you dumb bitch. You know it's true. Where is she now, huh? You think mommy will save you? We told her to stay out of gambling and she brought you in instead. That drunk slut!
The man stopped talking, as he came inside Riu. She dropped to her knees and rested her head against the tree.
— Go boys, rape some sense into this dumb bitch's head, — the leader took out a beer out of the cooler and sat on a dry log.
The kidnappers were taking turns at Riu, and she was feeling sore. Even when the lube tube was finished, they kept ravaging and humiliating her. One of them had a small dick, and Riu was feeling like she was having a rest when it was his turn. But after hours of rape even he was causing her so much pain that she just collapsed on the ground and wept.
— I think she's done. It's like fucking sawdust now, I think I got blisters on my dick.
— Alright, let's call it a day. Riu, can you hear me, Riu?
Riu just kept weeping instead, and the leader stepped on her shoulder.
— You've been a good girl, and we won't kill you. You have to thank me for that, — he put more weight on Riu's shoulder. — I said: you have to thank me.
Riu let out a distantly human wail through the dirt and snot covering her face.
— That's right. I am very kind, thank you for noticing. We are leaving now. If you are lucky, you'll find your way back. And if you are smart, as soon as you are back, you'll pack your shit and move the hell out. If I see you again, I will be very upset and won't give you anymore second chances. Capiche?
Riu kept sobbing listening to the muffled steps, until she couldn't hear them anymore. After some more time, she gathered the strength to stand up and put on her clothes and rummaged in the coller to find some leftovers. She staggered towards the road and then followed the car trails. She was exhausted and could barely walk, plus it was getting chilly. Her mind felt numb as she kept walking. After two hours she finally reached a highway and a gas station, where she asked for help.
The cashier boy was shocked by her appearence, and suggested to call the police, but Riu refused. However, she accepted the free tea and snacks he offered. As Riu recovered a bit, she called for Nadeshiko to pick her up. Half an hour later, a cab arrived and Riu was on her way back to the city.
12=== Et tu... Et tu... Et tu? =
— Oh dear, what happened to you?! — Nadeshiko stormed towards Riu, as soon as she opened the door.
— Some of the sore losers, I guess.
— Oh god, that is horrible! Do you know their names?
Instead of answering her, Riu glared at Nadeshiko. Could it be her rapists told her the truth? Could Nadeshiko have betrayed her, or rather: had never really been on her side? She felt guilty for feeling this suspicion, but she also was agonizingly angry, and above all else she was exhausted.
— I'll talk tomorrow, — said Riu, heading off to the bathroom.
She took a quick shower and went straight to bed. During the night Nadeshiko woke up several times to check Riu's forehead to find out she was in fever. After a good twelve hours of sleep Riu was finally awake, and according to herself, was feeling ok.
Riu kept being gloomy throughout the silent breakfast, and when it was over, she just stayed catatonic in her chair. The night didn't take her doubts with it. If anything they only grew stronger. She could notice the guilt in Nadeshiko's movements and indecisivness to start the conversation abruptly stopped last night. Riu kept waiting. She did not want to accuse Nadeshiko, since she still had a sliver of hope that she was wrong. She was afraid to ruin their relationship, if she herself started talking and ended up falsely accusing Nadeshiko. It would be wiser to just hear what Nadeshiko had to say first.
— Ahm, — Nadeshiko finally broke the silence.
Riu tilted her head towards her:
— Yes?
— Are you alright?
— Do I look alright?
— I don't know... , — Nadeshiko started wringing her hands at a loss as to what she should say.
— I was being raped for hours in a forest and then had to walk back to civilization. Am I alright to you?
Nadeshiko pressed her lips.
— I dragged my beaten body, soaked in sperm through the woods. Would you be alright?
Tears strated gathering in Nadeshiko's eyes, her mouth trembling. Riu hated herself for torturing her so much, but now she was sure it needed to be done.
— I wanted to lie down and die right there. And still I stood up, and walked, and walked. Each step echoed with white-hot needles thrusting between my legs? I can still feel it. Do you know why I kept walking?
Nadeshiko could not hold it any longer:
— I am sorry, Riu, please, I am so sorry, — she burst out crying while covering her face.
— I knew it! I knew it! — Riu sprung up pointing down at Nadeshiko. — You indeed are the worst!
— Please, Riu, no. I didn't want it to be like this!
— You rotten bitch, you got me into this! And you knew it was gonna end like this! You've been using me all this time! I was so blind!! — Riu scremed hysterically
— No, Riu, you got it wrong, plese, let me...
— Shut up, you whore, I know, you've done it before, and you didn't care. You found me instead. What you gonna do now, huh? Find another me and do it all over again?
— You were different, Riu, I thought we could quit and go somewhere else once we had enough money, please! Listen! — Nadeshiko pleaded in vain.
Riu approached Nadeshiko and knocked her off the chair.
— Please, Riu, no! I have connections, we can make it work!
— Fuck your connections! I hate you! — Riu was hurling the dishes from the table into Nadeshiko on the floor.
— Please, Riu, stop! — Nadeshiko screamed in panic.
— Who told you about me?! Who told you about my secret? — she picked up a butter knife from the table.
— Riu, stop, you don't need to...
Riu straddled Nadeshiko and brought the knife closer to her face.
— Who was it?
— It was Naatsuki! — Nadeshiko cried loudly
— Natsuki? Why?
— We used to work together, LULLABY belongs to me.
— Worked together? With that shithead?! — Riu slapped Nadeshiko and put her gripped her neck
— Well, how does he know? — Riu increased the pressure slightly
— No idea, please, Riu, calm down! — Nadeshiko wailed through the tears
— How does he know?! — Riu was strangling Nadeshiko with all her force.
Nadeshiko's face turned red, only a weak wheeze could escape her throat. Riu kept strangling Nadeshiko and repeating the question. Finally, the wheezing stopped. Nadeshiko was only blabbering her lips now. Riu started shaking Nadeshiko's neck up and down in blind fury. Frustrated, she let out a loud scream, lifted Nadeshiko by the neck and tossed her to the side.
Riu snapped. Every time she thought things were going on for, it all crumbled down. Somebody out there was always planning to drag her into the rough patch. She was desperate, she was sure that she would never have a happy life. She had no future, all she had is past and all she could do is take revenge on all those, who had ever wronged her. She didn't care about the consequences. All she knew is the next name on her list: Natsuki.
She took a paper cutting knife from the conference room and stopped by the door before leaving this hotel room forever. She glanced at Nadeshiko lying on the carpet one last time. "I hope she's dead," — thought Riu. Riu went out and put a "Do not disturb" tag on the doorknob.
She had to hurry. If Natsuki still kept his schedule, he would start his shift in one hour. Hopefully, she could ambush him on the way to LULLABY. Sooner or later Nadeshiko will be discovered. Riu will be featured in a bolo and would be unable to walk the streets. It was her one and only chance to get Natsuki. That beast with a sly smile, who started it all. He was the one to trigger her downfall, and he didn't stop at that. That horrible person's retribution was coming soon.
Riu took the metro to get to LULLABY, keeping the knife betweene the folds of her dress. She would not hesitate to use it. Her mind was looping the images of the impending murder over and over again. She arrived to her destination and checked the bus stop clock: just in time. Any minute now Natsuki would appear on this street. Ten minutes later she saw him from afar and started walking towards him. When their eyes met, Riu smiled as innocently as ever. Clueless Natsuki smiled back and waved at her. As they met, Riu started spouting some nonsense about thinking lately about Natsuki and how much the memories of their last encounter turned her on. The dumb horny bastard took the bait and followed Riu to an alleyway, where she took out the knife and pointed at Natsuki's stomach.
— Oooooh, Riu, — he eclaimed in shock raising both his hands. — Should've known it's too good to be true. Calm down now.
— Do you know Nadeshiko?
— I swear to god, I have no idea what you're talking about.
— Don't you lie to me! — she said through closed teeth, giving Natsuki mad eyes, and poked him with the tip of the blade.
Natsuki backed up, but hit a wall.
— Alright, alright. I'll tell you whatever you want to know, just don't hurt me.
— We'll see... Did you tell Nadeshiko about me?
— Nooo!
Riu tilted her head. The tip was now on the verge of piercing Natsuki's skin.
— Aagh, ok. Yes, yes. She said she needed a good mahjong player asap, so I told her you were good, that's it! What's the big deal?!
— How did you know about my students and me? — Riu twisted the knife slightly.
— Oooh, Riu, you will not like it.
— Spit it out!
— It was Chiori, she came here one day and told me how you had stolen her boyfriend or such. I thought she was just fishing for attention, or that you had a boyfriend and she was jealous. But she told me the whole thing, how you seduced a little boy and how mad she was at you, and she even showed me the photos that brat must've sneaked on you. She told me she wished you disappeared. It was nuts, I didn't believe it one bit, except the part where she hated your guts. That was sincere, 100% sincere hatred. I told it to Nadeshiko just because I thought it was funny. Was that real?
— None of your business, scumbag.
Riu stabbed Natsuki multiple times in the abdomen, and as he was sliding down the wall she landed two more stabs in his crotch. Natsuki gurgled blood and curled on the ground. Riu then took of the blood stained glove off her right hand and wiped the blade with it. She threw away the glove and inspected herself. Her dress and apron were soaked in blood. She discarded the apron and looked at herself again, she squintd. Dark blood was hard to notice on the black fabric. She had nothing to worry.
Riu now had one more stop on her list. Hopefully Chiori was home.
Riu took off her shoes and sprinted barefoot towards Chiori's place. At the entrance she called Chiori's flat.
— Yees? — Chiori responded on the other side of the intercom.
— Oh, how lucky! Miss Mikami, this is Kujou Riu. I was just passing by and thought it would be great if we could have some tea, like we used to. Share the news...
— Ahhhm... Not really — the crackly speaker responded.
— Oh, please, miss Mikami, I have some very important news to share with you.
Chiori kept silent for a few seconds.
— Miss Mikami?
— Whatever... — Said Mikami and the magnetic lock beeped indicating Riu could enter.
At the floor Riu waite for two minutes, before Chiori opened the door.
— Come in, maid, what was it? — she said in a disinterested voice.
As they stood in the corridor, Mikami repeated, rubbing her eye. Was she having a nap?
— What was it, Riu?
— Do you hat me, miss Mikami?
The sudden question threw Chiori off. Her sleep was gone, she looked closer at Riu and her eys widened.
— Why are you holding a knife?
— Say, why do you hate me? Was I not kind enough to you? — Riu  questioned terfully.
Chiori started slowly backing into the flat. Riu followed.
— Oh god, is that blood?! — Chiori noticed the huge stains, which by now had turned into thick brown crust.
Chiori leaped away from Riu. Riu chased her and just moments later knocked her down. Chiori tried to crawl away, but Riu forcefully pulled her leg and sat on tiny Chiori's chest. She was flailing her hands at Riu to no avail
— Let me go, you psycho! — She screamed. — Police! Police!
Riu swayed the knife and grazed Chiori's arm. Red blood oozed from the wound.
— Aaah!!! Stop it you, mad maid!
Riu restarted her manic interrogation.
— What was it? Did you not like my scrambled eggs? — She swayed again. — Were the bookshelves too dusty for you? — And again. — Or did you hate my choice of fabric softener?
Riu was frantically shaking the knife in the air occasionally wounding Chiori's arms. Finally, Chiori gave up and rested her bloody arms on the floor.
— You are pervert! The worst kind of person! That's why I hate you! You took him from me! Did you think I am too young to notice, what you were doing?! You are trash, you are worse than trash. You are a psychotic pedo! You seduced him! He was mine and you took him away! That's why I hate you!
Chiori screemed in her high-pitched voice. She had no fear, she kept pouring all the most horrible insults she could think of. Spit was flying out of her mouth.
Riu was silently taking it all in, dumbfounded at this brat's audacity. Finally, she grew tired, swang her arm and pierced right through Chiori's throat.
— That will shut you up. — She said calmly, standing up.
Blood gushed into Chiori's lungs and she started coughing red foam. In her final moments she was trying to take out the knife hilt deep inside her neck. Finally she managed and instantly lost consciousness, red blood still pulsating out of the open wound. Riu stood for a few minutes looking at Chiori's body. She wiped her forehead with the back of her palm, smearing blood across her face. Chori's blood was everywhere. Riu was covered in it. She looked at herself in the big mirror in Chiori's room and thought that the new colors perfectly matched her red hair and red eyes.
Finally, Riu was at peace with herself. She got to the core of it. She solved everything that bothered her, and she was sure that all these horrible people, who had ruined her life got what they deserved. They would never hurt her again.
In a trance-like state, Riu went out of the building, her skin and clothes covered in blood. It was getting dark. Riu did not know where to go, so she went to a train station. As she entered the brightly lit area near the station, people all around her dashed away. It was not so much blood as the overall aura of death she emanated. Even if she had a fresh dress on, people would still feel uneasy around her.
Riu boarded a car and sat down on an empty seat. Other passengers nearby hurried to leave the car, before the doors closed and inform the police.
But Riu did not care. She did not care at all. She was serene. It was much more tranquil in an empty car. So much so, that she spread across the empty seats. The train took off, and the rhythmic thumping of the wheels lulled her into sleep.
13=== Out of train experience  =
Riu woke up as the train came to a halt. She was still alone in the car and as she shook of the sleep, and tried to remember, where she was going. The speakers announced that it was the terminus. The beeping sound warned Riu the doors would soon close, so she hurried out to the platform. As the train was gaining speed, she looked around. It was a warm summer night in a rural area. Bugs were hitting the sodium lamps high above and the breeze was caressing the tall grass surrounding the station. The platform itself looked primitive and unkempt. Weeds resided in the cracks on the grey concrete. A brute, rough shed with a lamp on its lintel looked miserable. Just in case, Riu looked around her once again to check if there was anything more resembling an exit. No.
She went towards the shed hoping to find somebody to help her, or at least a timetable. The dimly lit inside of the shed offered nothing but a shabby desk with a notebook and a pen. Riu came closer to see if that could be anything important. She flipped through the empty checkered pages. The notebook was empty, apart from a hand-written title on its title page: "Jantama station reports journal" and the headers at the top of each page. ['#','Date', 'Time', 'Name', 'Description']
Jantama station... Riu never heard of it. She wondered how far away from home she was. She peeked outside of the shed and saw nothing but an empty dirt road. Wow, that was quite unfortunate. All alone, at night, stranded at an unknown station. At least no creepy types were around, thanks for that.
Without nothing better to do, Riu flipped through the notebook again. Huh, there was actually something else written in it. She must have skipped the first page while flipping it the first time.
│ # │   Date    │   Time    │   Name    │    Description            │
│ 1.│   today   │   now     │           │                           │
Huh. "today" and "now"? Very specific. Whoever's job it is to fill this journal is a great joker. Riu decided to play along. That other one will probably be surprised to learn something actually happened at this station. Riu filled in the blank spaces:
│ # │   Date    │   Time    │   Name    │    Description            │
│ 1.│   today   │   now     │ Kujou Riu │ Bored to death at this    │
│   │           │           │           │ lousy station.            │
As she finished she noticed there actually was another entry in this journal right below #1. She couldn't have missed it. Could she? This entry made her hair stand on end.
│ # │   Date    │   Time    │   Name    │    Description            │
│ 1.│   today   │   now     │ Kujou Riu │ Bored to death at this    │
│   │           │           │           │ lousy station.            │
│ 2.│   today   │   soon    │ Kujou Riu │ Went looking for help     │
│   │           │           │           │ to the shrine uphill      │
Most unnerving: the second entry was written in her own handwriting as well. This was eerie. Her heart racing, Riu checked both sides of the shed. Still not a soul around. How could that be? Was she going crazy? Thinking of it, she could not remember how she got on the train or what her destination was. She reached for the phone in her apron, but there was no apron. Heh?
Riu took a closer look at her hands. She only had one glove on her left arm and her right arm was dirty. It was hard to tell under the dim lighting, what exactly it was. She rubbed her fingers together and the dirt peeled off in long thin pieces. She tried smelling her hands. They smelled like sweat, nothing special. Riu took of her glove to see that it was crusted. She could not tell what it was with certainty, but the texture... The texture reminded her of old blood stains. Was she covered in blood? Anxiously, she slapped her dress and discovered all her dress was covered in the same crust. Frightened, Riu took the glove and gnawed onto it. The salive soked the fabric and she tasted what the stains were made of.
Oh god, she was covered in blood! Was it hers? She hugged herself trying to find a wound. No. It was somebody else's. Riu grabbed the notebook and checked the entries again. As she had feared, there were more.
│ # │   Date    │   Time    │   Name    │    Description            │
│ 1.│   today   │   then    │ Kujou Riu │ Bored to death at this    │
│   │           │           │           │ lousy station.            │
│ 2.│   today   │   now     │ Kujou Riu │ My dress is covered in    │
│   │           │           │           │ blood! And it isn't mine! │
│ 3.│   today   │   soon    │ Kujou Riu │ Being dragged to hell     │
— Oh, nonononono. This can't be.
Riu pulled and pushed on the door leading outside the platform, but it wouldn't budge! Despair filled her heart.
Riu frantically took the pen and scribbled #3. However, the ink soaked through the page and disappeared.
— This can't be. What was that other entry? Where is it? Where is it? — she screamed at the notebook.
Riu tried the door once again. It still wouldn't budge!
— Oh, nonononono!!! What should I do? — Riu panicked. — That other entry... It started with "now"!
Riu started writing a new entry. She could hear metal noises coming from the side of the platform. She was terrified and too scared to check what was approaching her from that side.
│ # │   Date    │   Time    │   Name    │    Description            │
│ 1.│   today   │   then    │ Kujou Riu │ Bored to death at this    │
│   │           │           │           │ lousy station.            │
│ 2.│   today   │   now     │ Kujou Riu │ My dress is covered in    │
│   │           │           │           │ blood! And it isn't mine! │
│ 3.│   today   │   soon    │ Kujou Riu │ Being dragged to hell     │
│ 4.│   today   │   now     │ Kujou Riu │ Went                      │
│   │           │           │           │                           │
She could now clearly discren the sound of metal chains scraping the concrete. In panic she filled in the description section with her hands shaking
│ # │   Date    │   Time    │   Name    │    Description            │
│ 1.│   today   │   then    │ Kujou Riu │ Bored to death at this    │
│   │           │           │           │ lousy station.            │
│ 2.│   today   │   now     │ Kujou Riu │ My dress is covered in    │
│   │           │           │           │ blood! And it isn't mine! │
│ 3.│   today   │   soon    │ Kujou Riu │ Being dragged to hell     │
│ 4.│   today   │   now     │ Kujou Riu │ Went                      │
│   │           │           │           │                           │
│   │           │           │           │       l                   │
│   │           │           │           │         o                 │
│   │           │           │           │           o               │
│   │           │           │           │         k                 │
│   │           │           │           │               i           │
│   │           │           │           │                   n       │
│   │           │           │           │                  g        │
│   │           │           │           │         f                 │
│   │           │           │           │           o               │
│   │           │           │           │               r           │
│   │           │           │           │          h                │
│   │           │           │           │            e              │
│   │           │           │           │             l             │
│   │           │           │           │               p           │
│   │           │           │           │ t                         │
│   │           │           │           │   o                       │
│   │           │           │           │           t               │
│   │           │           │           │               h           │
│   │           │           │           │                   e       │
│   │           │           │           │       s                   │
│   │           │           │           │           h               │
│   │           │           │           │              r            │
│   │           │           │           │                i          │
│   │           │           │           │                   n       │
│   │           │           │           │                   e       │
│   │           │           │           │                       u   │
│   │           │           │           │                         p │
│   │           │           │           │                          h│
│   │           │           │           │                          i│
│   │           │           │           │                          l│
│   │           │           │           │                          l│
Riu rushed out of the shed and ran up the road. She lifted her skirt and ran as fast as she could. Although, after the initial sprint she was out of breath and was about to vomit, she kept running even faster since she felt more than life depended on it. She could not tell whether anybody was chasing her, since all she could hear is her own heartbeat and heavy puffing.
Half way up she saw twinkling torch light ahead and as she got closer, she could see the silhouette of the shrine gate! Finally, she made it, just a bit more and she is saved!
In the darkness Riu stepped on a wild rock, fell and sprained her knee. Oh no! She could not run anymore. As she slowly and painfully limped up the hill, Riu dared to look back. She saw shadows darker than the night itself devouring the moonlit pine forest. She let out a shriek and started dragging her injured leg with both her hands, instinctively hoping that would relieve her pain and let her move faster.
Just a bit more, the gate was so close! She had to reach it! She had to reach it or else! She looked back again. The darkness was even closer, she was moving too slow! Her eyes filled with tears of absolute horror. Riu let off her hands and started jumping on one leg towards the gate that was so close. Yes! She touched the gate post!
However, she could not do the final step. Her dress was stuck in something? Was it stuck in a bush or something? Riu turned her head and saw hands with greenish rotting pieces of flesh falling off tugging at her dress. She was too late! Too late! Riu held onto the post crying loudly.
— Pleeese! Heeelp! Somebody! Help meeee! I need heeeeelp! — hot tears of sespair running down her cheeks. The black cloud produced a long thin tongue that started licking the tears off her face.
Suddenly, a young girl in traditional clothes rushed down the stairs of the shrine towards the gate.
— She reached ~nya! Back off! Back off! She's mine! — the girl with short hair and glimmering eyes started beating the hands holding Riu with a ceremonial baton, remaining on the shrine's side of the gate.
— Hold my hand ~nya! — the mysterious maiden offered Riu her slender hand.
— I can't let go!  — weeped Riu.
— Just trust me!
Riu took one arm off the post and instantly felt the cloud's pull increased twofold. She was jerked towards the darknes, however the mysterious girl grabbed her hand just in time. As she did so, the cloud behind Riu dissipated. Riu dropped to the ground and landed on the right side of the gate.
— Welcome to the Mahjong Soul Shrine ~nya! — the girl smiled widely.
At this moment Riu noticed her saviour had fangs, ears and a fluffy tail.
— You are a cat! — exclaimed Riu still in shock after the chase for life.
— How rude ~nya! My name is Ichihime ~nya, — pouted the girl. — You barely made it, you have to be more kind to me, you know? Do you have any snacks?
— Nno...
— Eugh, how so! Nobody brings Ichihime any snacks ~nya, — Ichihime's ears lowered.
Riu stood up and gave out a sigh of surprise as her knee no longer hurt. She gave out even more surprised sighs, as she noticed her dress was as good as new with no stains or tears. Even her apron was back.
— What is this?!
— This is what two delicious cookies in debt looks like ~nya! You owe me. Now, follow me.
Riu obediently followed Ichihime upstairs taking in the surroundings. It was still night, but the whole shrine perimeter had not a single dark spot. Thick rope with paper strips was hanging between the trees demarkating the border of the shrine grounds.
As Riu reached the place at the top of the hill, a girl with peach hair and a traditional shrine maiden suit emerged from one of the buildings on its side.
— Another one? At night? — The girl had a concerned look on her face. — Would you like some herb tea?
— Y-yes, please, — Riu nodded to the girl.
— My name is Mai, Aihara Mai, by the way. What is yours?
— Kujou Riu.
— Alright, Kujou Riu! Pleased to meet you. I'll be right away.
Ichihime showed Rius towards a bench and Riu sit down. It faced the mountain side, but since it was night, hardly anything below the shrine grounds could be seen. "At day the should be magnificent, though" — Riu though to herself.
— Noooww ~nya, — started Ichihime. — You must have been a very naughty girl. Not everybody comes here at night.
— Am I... dead? — Riu asked in a hushed voice
— Not necessarily ~nya. People end up here for a variety of reasons. Some are dead, some are lost, others lose their soul. Only Kaavi can tell which one it is.
— Kaavi?
— Ah yes, our prophet girl ~nya. She is a bunny, by the way. I am saying that you don't say anything stupid, when you first meet her ~nya. — said Ichihime with her face puckered.
— I'm sorry.
— Don't be ~nya. I'm just trying to brighten up the mood ~nya, — she swang her legs. — You almost ended up in hell, after all.
Riu shivered. Keeping silent for a moment, Ichihime continued.
— This is Mahnong Soul shrine ~nya. Some lost souls end up here ~nya. We train them, and test them with mahjong. When they are ready, we release them back to the world ~nya.
— Mahjong? The tile game? Is that right?
— Oh yes, the game. You know how to play it ~nya?
— I don't... really know. All I know is my name and that when I arrived, all my clothes were soaked in blood.
— Oof, that sounds serious ~nya...
— Why do you keep saying ~nya?
— I'm a cat, don't you know already? That's what cats do. That's three cookies now. One more cat-related question and it will be five cookies. Believe me, you don't want to know how hard it is to get cookies in here. Nya.
— So... why mahjong?
— It shows how much flow you have in your soul restored ~nya. Not only that, balanced souls, that are ready to go, play balanced mahjong ~nya. Sometimes it is enough to let a balanced soul go, even if it is low in flow ~nya. My flow is perfect though, so I just play by feel and it always ends up well for me ~nya.
— Were you a lost soul as well?
— Hhahahahahha, that was dangerously close to a cookie-question ~nya. No. I'm a goddess ~nya. A benevolent goddess that helps the poor girls and boys such as you. I cannot leave ~nya.
— Is Aihara a goddess too?
— Pffft, no.  Far from it ~nya. She is a good girl, though. She chose to stay here and help me ~nya. Just like Kaavi.
At this point Mai and Kaavi approached a goddess and a lost soul sitting on the bench. Mai was carrying a tray with a small teapot and a set of bowls. Kaavi carried a crystal ball and had a stern look on her face.
— Are you... Kaavi? — Riu looked at Kaavi's bunny ears piercing through her hood and a bunny tail.
— Huh? How do you know? Are you a prophet as well? — Kaavi widened her eyes and blushed a little, although her face marks hid the blush.
— Perhaps...
— Eehh? — Kaavi widened her eyes even more
— She doesn't know who she is ~nya. That's what she meant ~nya. Now look into your crystal ball and tell me what I should do with her ~nya, — Ichihime said a little irritated.
— Yes, Ichihime. — Kaavi started chanting into the crystal ball.
— That might take a while, hehe. Have some tea, Riu, — Mai handed her a bowl.
— I just hope we're done before the sun rises ~nya, — murmured Ichihime and loudly sipped from her bowl.
Suddenly, Kaavi stopped chanting and looked at Riu with concern.
— That is very serious, Riu. You are still alive.
— What-what? Let me see ~nya, — Ichihime took the ball out of Kaavi's hands. — Oooh. Oooooh. Ohohoho ~nya.
— What is there, let me see! — Riu peeked behind Ichihime's shoulder.
— You can't see it ~nya.
— It is my life, show it to me!
— You don't understand ~nya. You wouldn't see even if you wanted to, — Ichihime brought the ball close to Riu's face. — See ~nya?
All Riu could see is just a bunch of sparks and clouds inside the glass.
— And I can see ~nya. I see all your life here ~nya. Even what is happening now.
— What is it?
— Hmmm ~nya. You are on trial.
— Did i kill anyone?
— Hmm, yes. You did ~nya. Seems like your body and mind do not need a soul anymore. You were rejected by them ~nya. — Ichihime shook her head.
— How so? Was I such a bad person?
— Ahm... — Ichihime rolled her eyes and gave back the ball back to Kaavi. — Thank you, Kaavi, you can go back to sleep. You too Mai.
Two shrine maidens went back to the building.
— Well... We've had worse ~nya. I've had worse, — Ichihime looked in the direction of the girls going away. — We'll think of something for you.
A little girl with long blonde hair came up to Ichihime, holding a teddy bear in her arms. The girl tugged at Ichihime's wide sleeve.
— Ichihime, is this a new girl?
Ichihime wrinkled her forehead and pressed her lips, then turned to the girl.
— Ah, yes, Chiori. We have a new friend here ~nya. Were we too loud?
— Did she arrive at night as well?
— Yes, Chiori. She has just arrived ~nya. Go back to sleep, I'll introduce her tomorrow to everybody.
— Should I wait til morning? — asked Chiori rubbing her eyes.
— My name is Kujou Riu. Pleased to meet you. Let's be friends, — said Riu with a smile, waved a little and then extended her hand for a handshake.
— I'm older than you think I am, you know? — Said Chiori a bit disappoined by Riu's condescending gestures. — My name is Mikami Chiori. Pleased to meet you.
Riu felt awkward for a moment, until Chiori finally shook her hand.
— Kujou Riu... Kujou Riu... Let's be friends. Tomorroooow, — said Chiori while yawning and walked back to her dormitory.
— Sleep tight ~nya.
— Sleep tight, Chiori.
— Are there many people in here? — asked Riu staring in Chiori's back.
— Quite a few ~nya. Quite a few ~nya... You must be tired ~nya. Now, let me show your bed, we'll start training you tomorrow ~nya.
— I can't wait, — replied Riu finishing her tea to follow Ichihime in the dormitory.