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Great Tenth /V/idya Riichi Mahjong Tournament

“Oh Shit it’s Been One Year Already” edition

Qualifiers: 10th-19th of April, 2020
Quarterfinals (round of 16): 24th-25th of April (Friday-Saturday)
every 16:00 and 19:00 UTC

Semifinals: 1st of May, 17:00, 20:00 UTC
Grand Finals:
2nd of May, 19:00 UTC

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Update: Groups announced! Check More Info for more information


News and Updates

Welcome to the world of Riichi Mahjong

Mahjong Soul

Come play some mahjong. Tutorial included!

Android / iOS versions available!

Majsoul+ is the (unofficial) software client (available in windows, mac and linux)

An Introduction to Mahjong Soul (free 2 play guide) answers most questions like how to roll/upgrade my waifu, what do I do with these coppers, etc...


Tenhou is where some current professionals honed their skills. In Japanese, but add-ons exists that tranlates the interface to English.

Firefox / Chrome

Android / iOS versions available!

It even has an official Windows client.

The Tenhou article on the Arcturus wiki answers most questions about the rules and ranking system.

Hime Mahjong

Yet another gatcha mahjong client, on the same vein as mahjong soul. Has better rates, more generous devs and free rolls, but NO ENGLISH TRANSLATIONS.

Android / iOS versions available!

Hime Mahjong Guide will help you get through the moonrunes enough to play mahjong.

Practice against AI

"That flash game". If you aren't confident enough, then go practice on this bad boy.

Learn How to Play

Basic video guide / Extensive video guide

Youtube videos on how to play mahjong.

How to play Video Game Mahjong

A quick and dirty guide on how to play vidya mahjong. Should be enough to bring you out of novice, but don't take it as a consistent strategy if you want to be a better player in the long run. Meant more for beginners wanting to get a feel for the game.

Mahjong Live Pastebin

A list of everything mahjong. Made back in the /jp/ days, it's perhaps one of the best mahjong link dumps you'll find. Updated with new stuff every now and then, especially if talked about in the thread.

Yaku List
Yaku List Alt
Yaku For Beginners

Images that list all the yaku in the game

Delve Deeper

Riichi Book 1

Do you want to stop being bad at mahjong? Read this. RB1 is essential mahjong reading. Teaches tile efficiency, defense strategies, yaku chasing and everything else to bring you to the level of an intermediate player.

Read online

Riichi Mahjong Strategy

Considered as Riichi Book 2. Tackles a lot more difficult problems and situation that rb1. Come read this if you think you want to ascend to a higher plane of mahjong play.

Read online

Anon’s Dumbfuck Guide to Chink Vocab in Taiwanese Dominoes 101

A dictionary for all the Japanese terms used by many in the threads. "this is not a guide about playing mahjong, this is a guide about talking mahjong," or so it says.

Glossary of Japanese Mahjong Terms

A glossary of almost every useful Japanese Mahjong term, including the terms listed above, every Yaku in the game, all in an easy filter search.

Official Rules

Official ruleset from the European Mahjong Association.

Mahjong Soul ruleset

Mahjong Wiki

For more in-depth rules about mahjong like furiten, atozuke etc.

Here is a list of Japanese Terms used by everyone.

Mahjong IRL

Mahjong Equipment Buying Guide

Everything you need to know about owning a mahjong set irl. Play some real mahjong with your friends.

Find Players IRL Article

The section in the live pastebin about how to find mahjong players / clubs near you.


Watch Japanese pros play mahjong in their natural environment.

m-league schedule

/mjg/ players map

A map of the /mjg/ players. Find an anon near you and try not to stab each other. Well, this is mostly used for coordinating time zones during tourneys.

To add yourself to the map, fill out this google form.

Alternatively, you can send your zipcode/location, user name, majsoul player ID (at the friends tab), a custom icon (or what you usually main) and a short message at mjgrepositorie@tfwno.gf or preferably at the usual irc channel because opening thunderbird lags my computer so much and I check it maybe once a week.