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[MJS+ Resourcepack] Linovel Hat Emotes v2... [dl]
[News] Hat outed as a chink ln mascot...
[Resource] Mahjong Soul Loading Screens...
[Resource] Mahjong Soul Emotes Update...
[Resource] Riichi Mahjong Strategy (Complete)...
[MJS+ Resourcepack] Umineko (Sound Effects + Music)... [dl]
New to Mahjong?
Newfriends welcome! This section contains a bunch of links to help you start with your mahjong journey, as well as other mahjong-related topics.

A list of interesting guides written by anons, most taken from the pastebins in the OP, transfered to a more "readable" format.
[    Live Pastebin    |    Strategy    |    Majsoul Plus    ]

Need more mahjong fix? Enjoy the various SOUL OC creations of based anons in the thread, as well as an archive of the official webcomic released by yostar.

Do you want to be the very best that no anon ever was? It's time to prove your worth in the /mjg/ tourneys! Normally held once every month.

A hotpot of resources from /mjg/ that doesn't fit in the other sections. From emotes to books to strip mahjong, it's a trip to the mahjong bazaar.


Where To Play?
Mahjong Soul  (Android | iOS) Tutorial Included
Practice against AI
Learn How to Play
Basic video guide
Extensive video guide
How to play Video Game Mahjong
Official Rules        Mahjong Wiki        Japanese Terms
Extra Study
Riichi Book 1
Riichi Mahjong Strategy
Mahjong Live Pastebin
Strategy articles
Mahjong IRL
Buying a mahjong set guide
Find Players IRL Article
Watch irl Japanese pro games (Abema)
/mjg/ players map
(Send your zipcode/location, user name, majsoul player ID (at the friends tab), a custom icon (or what you usually main) and a short message at eigamma@cock.li or just link a pastebin to the OP to add your location)


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